DS4OERS (PAC) Discussion on teaching as vocation or profession

Thanks for your gift as a teacher, helping to shape the future of our learners!

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What stood out to me in the definition of Vocation was to be drawn to, I was one that when asked since I was a child what I wanted to be when I grew up was to be a teacher. I have admired teachers and Educators no matter of what stature for their knowledge and passion for what they do.

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Really appreciate for sharing your expertise Sir…

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I agree with most other educators that teaching is both a vocation and a profession. A vocation, because teaching is a calling. Some have the ‘knack’ for it and some don’t. For some, teaching is just a job. For others - it is what they love. It is also a profession, because you have to go through certain levels of training in order to be able to handle all situation that you may face out in the field. You also have to keep upgrading your skills through further professional development courses in order to keep up with the changing world.

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Being a teacher is classified as a profession but in my opinion, it is a vocation. Without dedication, passion and love for teaching, life of a teacher is colorless. It is actually a calling, which demands patience and concern throughout. I chose this profession to share my passion for my subject and enlighten young minds.
For some it is a job, while for others it is noble purpose of life.


For me I think it’s both applicable. As a teacher you will need both. Show your students that you love your work you enjoy it but you will need to show some professionalism as in clothing how you respond to situations that will need you to be calm and allow your students to see that you not only know how to interact with them but they see someone who is a role model to them.

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Teaching is both a vocation and a profession. You have to keep yourself equipped and current with all the needs of times to be able to appropriately perform your passion.

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Teaching is and should be a vocation as we are able to teach our very own children to behave and also in educating them to the best of our ability for the progress of the future generations.

Teaching is a vocation because, the whole reason why we are teachers, is that, we love the experiences that comes with it, and looking after the little ones. We are teaching them something new everyday, and that is a wonderful thing to do.

In my opinion teaching is a profession but more of a vocation, where as a teachers’ role is to educate and enable the world to become knowledgeable and independent one.

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I consider teaching as a profession as well as a vocation, as I need to be trained and obtain a qualification to be a qualified teacher and I need Gods intervention as well to be passionate and committed to my work. I joined the teaching profession and vocation as it is known to be the noblest profession.

Teaching first started out as something to do and that worked well for a while, until I had the student whose dad was away sailing for months on end and needed someone to chat with, whose mum was a single parent that was struggling to make ends meet. I was forced to reanalyze how I saw teaching. I could no longer be the person that walked in and simply not care, I had to care. With this new found insight, I began to love my time with my students and enjoyed the small victories that we shared through learning. This profession became a vocation. I also discovered that this new approach worked wonders with the students learning, as a class we were showing huge improvements. It seems the more you care, the more the achievements you experience.


I personally believe that teaching is a blend of vocation and profession.One has to be compassionate, loving and dedicated to share their knowledge so that you help to shape the lives of your students in a holistic manner. On the other hand teaching is a profession requiring one to attain the necessary skills and knowledge to teach. As it goes teaching is a noble profession.#DS4OERS

In my teaching is a profession because we are trained for certain years to become the teacher to pass knowledge, values and skills to the learners in an organised manner. Initially, there was no plan in my mind to become a teacher. I wanted to join medical field but I couldn’t get through so I became a science teacher because I have lot of interest in Biology and Chemistry. But now as I have been trained and have 18 years of experiences, I love my profession.

I think it’s both. For some teachers it starts as a profession - something they think they might be quite good at with a bit of training and then it grows into a vocation and a passion. For me, school and my teachers provided an escape from a sometimes unhappy home life and so my teachers became role-models. We recently celebrated the 90th birthday of one of our more influential teachers. I anticipate meeting a few more role models through participation in this course.

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I believe teaching is a profession as it is the call of the society to educate the young learners who will be leaders tomorrow. Thus, it has to be professional. I do enjoy teaching and learning process but in a professional way.

My view is that teaching is a vocation because i am called to do something that my heart desires. Professionally, one need to be certified on effective teaching methods, child development and how to interact well with his/her students. However, this will not be effective if you don’t have the passion or heart desire to deliver. Vocation is more than following a profession that is your heart desire

In my opinion, teaching is a vocation as many teachers have a love and a passion for their work. An innate desire to share their love of learning and of a subject.

I am not an educator by profession, but personally I love to learn about anything and everything and pass my knowledge to whoever is interested in especially my seven year old son.

Profession requires qualification and training and, teaching is way more than that. One needs to have that natural ability to inspire, challenge and empower the children. Thus, I say teaching is a vocation. I became a teacher because I believed that I could make a positive difference not to one but many. I had the required knowledge and an innate ability to understand and build a caring relationship with my students. #courses:ds4oers

  • Teaching is a vocation because it is an occupation to which a person is trained for.
  • I, joined the vocation because I had a passion for teaching.