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How can i improve my digital skills in this course?

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Dear @Viliame

Good question! Many skills in life require hands on practice. For example, you can’t learn to ride a bicycle by reading a book :joy:

Digital skills are like that - the more you practice, the better you will get. The DS4OERS course comprises a range of learning challenges where you can practice improving your digital skills using Free and Open Source Software. By sharing the process and the outputs of your learning as OER with teachers and colleagues creates opportunities to develop a support community where we help each other improve.

Good luck with the course and hope you enjoy the learning journey with us!


Hello Viliame,

Since digital skills is essential and ubiquitous it is required for you to use different online resources and tools in order to help your study remotely and engage effectively with your learning, being able to communicate and collaborate in a digital setting is highly important. Certainly this is the right space of learning OER sharing skills from other colleagues and to enhance learning.

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How can you tell that children are learning in this course?

hello and malo e lelei from Tonga
What is the enrolment Key in the moodle

Take a look at the resource page here under the 2nd heading. The enrolment key is listed there.

Excellent question - it’s important to design assessment approaches in open, distance and flexible learning that provide opportunities for formative and summative assessment. Later in this course we will reflect on assessment approaches.

With specific reference to this course (which is aimed a teachers, rather that children) each section concludes with a learning challenge to submit an OER teaching resource. In this way students can demonstrate the skills they have applied to earn a series of digital badges. In addition, there are also basic knowledge quizzes covering core concepts in the course which are used to certify participation.

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Hi ! The Moodle platform is asking for an enrollment key for DS4OERS. How do I find this key?

Why is it so important to have knowledge of digital during this time of pandemic?

This has already been answered above

But posting here again - The course site page on Moodle provides the enrolment key. Please read the instructions.

Good luck with your studies.

That’s a very good question.

Digital literacy skills are/were foundational to success in the 21st Century irrespective of the Pandemic situation. That said, I think the Pandemic has highlighted the value of digital fluency during the pandemic where many functions, tasks and activities would not have been able to continue safely without digital capabilities.

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Hi Salveen, this pandemic has opened up the virtual world for teachers so that we can have online classes and be able to work and children can be taught even though we are confined to our homes.

How can I be assured that this course will definitely improve my digital skills in only 3 weeks?

I’m not sure there are any guarantees - I guess what you learn and discover on this journey is up to you.

But I agree, 3 weeks is a short time. Perhaps you will discover one or two seeds of interest to pursue and develop long after the course is completed.

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This is first time for me to interact with global community and I would love to connect and share ideas on OERs

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Welcome to our global OER community - we look forward to hearing your ideas!

what format is the user name for mastodon…tried to sign in but could not

I do not have anything to contribute, however I believe my question will assist others who are caught in the same problem (if i have to call it that) as I.

When I got into Moodle, there is a box that says enroll me. I tapped on the box and its requesting an enrollment key. Can someone please assist me in this area? I am trying to familiarize myself with the 3 Websites- Forum, Mastodon and Moodle.

Thank you in advance.

@mackiwg Please what is the correct answer for Remix 3? All the options given are incorrect. Thank you so much.

Apologies…missed out the sense! as it cannot be released as a derivative work hence there is no correct remix for such!