How many micro-courses are needed for full-course credit?

The number of specified micro-courses required for full-course credit varies across national jurisdictions and the local requirements of the conferring institution for the award. For example:

  • In North America, typically 3-micro courses are required for full course credit
  • In Australia, typically 4-micro courses are required for full course credit
  • In the United Kingdom, most institutions will require 5-micro courses for full course credit.

Micro courses must be completed as “sets” of designated courses. The associated courses for each set are provided on the OERu course website.

The OERu has guidelines for credit transfer and corresponding articulation agreements among partner institutions, Please consult the OERu website contains information on credit transfer arrangements for designated awards and credentials.

(See also: How many courses or credits are required for a full time equivalent year of study?)

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