21 century dital skills for all teacher educators

All teacher educators should be aware of 21st century digital skills, so they can help,guide students to acquire 21st century digital skills.

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HI @bhagyalakshmi

As a former teacher educator myself - I couldn’t agree more! Feel free to share the gift of knowledge and promote these open courses students who could benefit from the experience. It’s open source and free.

Opened e-Learners’ Hub, a training centre to train women on LiDA and OERu. Government of Kerala (India) is setting up Smart Classrooms in Public Schools. Mothers here are ready for Digital Citizenship! LiDA has appeared at the best possible time for Kerala.

News is in Malayalam, Kerala’s native language. Reporter announces the inauguration of women empowerment program and LiDA.

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Thanks for the update. Pleased to hear that the LiDA course materials are proving useful in Kerala!