ART102 Architecture Challenge Tasks

You are required to complete the following tasks that relate to art and architecture in the course discussion topic forum:

Select a building of your choice from Great Buildings Online or another source and make a personal response to the building. For your chosen building:

  1. Briefly describe the building as you see it, using the language of the elements of art.
  2. Describe how you think this building affects people on the outside or inside of it, and why.
  3. How creative do you think designers of buildings should get?
  4. How much impact do you think these buildings have had on the skyline where they are located?
  5. How much impact do you think these buildings have had on the debate on modern architectural design?

Green Architecture
Using the links on the Art Resources and any other sources you find appropriate, research and describe two examples of sustainable technologies and ‘green’ architecture. These could include anything from energy production sources to architectural design and engineering or urban planning models. For each of your two examples, consider the following:

  • What are your personal reactions to it?
  • What is the context surrounding it? For example, how will it be used?
  • What are the costs involved?
  • Will it replace or interact with existing designs?
  • Comment on each of your examples as an alternative to traditional design.

Include images or links for each of your examples, and be sure to cite the research sources used for this challenge.