ART103 Interpreting Visual Art Challenge

This learning challenge has two parts: Five-step system and Opinion about art.

Five-step system
Conduct brief research (mainly for context) on each of the following two images:

Write about the two works of art in your learning journal using the five-step system for interpreting visual art outlined here:

  • Description (an explanation of the works of art from an objective point of view: their physical attributes and their formal construction)
  • Analysis (a look at the works of art that combines physical attributes with subjective statements based on your reaction to the works)
  • Context (any historical, religious, or environmental information that surrounds the particular works of art and which helps to understand the works’ meanings)
  • Meaning (a statement of the works’ content. A message or narrative expressed by the subject matter of the works)
  • Judgment (a critical point of view about the works of art concerning their aesthetic or cultural value)

Choose any new image from the course Art Resources, or any source you wish, that fits with the theme of sprituality and myth, and follow the same procedure outlined above. Share your work in this course topics discussion forum. Remember to include a link to your chosen image.

Opinion about art
Analyze and state an opinion in this course topic forum on each of these two statements (one paragraph each):

  • Art is for entertainment value only.
  • Art helps humans explore their lives and their world.