As part of your teaching do you make use of assessment of learning, assessment for learning or assessment as learning. Why do you say so?

I have been teaching for quite awhile and I have only been using ‘Assessment of Learning.’ This is because I have found AOL to be more productive to use in class as it is typically administered at the end of a unit or grading period and it evaluates a students understanding of a given strand.

It is important because students are given the chance to engage more actively. To learn is to use students prior knowledge for their own learning. Not limiting their participation helps students to use their creative thoughts for their own learning.

Assessment of learning works better for me because i am able to measure students learning as I am teaching. In a class with students number exceeding 60, this helps me to monitor the learning of slower learners and use the faster learners to help the slower learners in class. so far this has work well for me. AS4ODLF#

Assessment for learning and assessment of learning are equally important as we can check the attainment of teaching objectives during the teaching course and at the end of the course.We use both formative and summative assessment to assess the learning outcomes.