AS4ODFL (PAC) Assessing to learn

Challenge yourself to think about assessment differently. But how do you do that? There are two important considerations:
• Learning is more important than assessing.
• Students need support and feedback.

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Assessment is actually beneficial in monitoring students performance and we also able to carry out remedial work to help slow learner’s.
Also students need to learn and have hand’s on experience.


Each students learning is very critical, as it informs you (teacher) your doing a great job. Finding out about learning through one-on-one conversations, group work etc… helps determine that their doing okay. After that, then you can use your summative and formative assessments to help them achieve the overall outcome needed for each topic. But that one-to-one student support and feedback should be never ending - that why there are Teachers.


Yes I do agreed with the statement. My point of view is, learning is more than Assessing and we must practice by doing a form of learning as we “discover learning” when speaking or monitor each students by one one one and knowing where, how, why and what the students need as feedback and as part of Assessing.
In this way, it encourages students to have consideration to what they learn and put into practice.


I do agreed with these two statements. My opinion with the first statement “Learning is important than assessing”: Firstly, learning can be happen in many ways (inside and outside educational institution), secondly, formal learning requires conditions where students have to achieve an outcome out of their learning.
With the second statement “Students need support and feedback”: Here comes the importance of assessment because it allows to identify students wickedness and a feedback to help student improve their learning.

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I do agree with the two statements. Learning comes first before you can can start thinking of assessing your student. Of course students need support and feedbacks to guide them into the right direction of crashing and idea or concept thought in class or for doing a certain activity.

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I do not agree with the first statement as both learning and assessment compliment each other. If there is no learning, there is no assessment. If there is no assessment, there is no gauging how much learning has taken place.


I do agree with the second statement which supports my opinion that learning and assessment compliment each other. Assessment will assist students identify their strengths and weaknesses and this information is used by teachers to provide students the necessary and timely support to help improve on their weaknesses.

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I am agree that Learning is more important than assessing as well as Students need support and feedback.

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  • I’m agree learning is more important than assessing
    -Really students need support and feedback.

Someone said when ONE teaches, TWO learn. Learning is an ongoing activity and one of the ways to measure if learning is taking place is through assessing. They are both important and inseperable.
Students require support and feedback. They always need to get information about how they are fairing on, skill areas they need to improve on, and that provides additional motivation in learning. Learners who do not get feedback are disoriented and feel ‘on their own’


Yes!! I do.
we teach for learning. we shall always make sure that our trainee understands the concept and fully aware of circumstances around it shall be able to provide a reasoning. A teacher shall always have empathy towards their trainees.

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Yes, after all, what is the purpose of teaching? We teach that someone learns. I guess assessment is part of that required by the system, not by the learners. The system wants to make sure that one he employs to teach 'is worth the value of benefits (salaries, etc) budgeted. The learner’s needs are as you mention, support and feedback. How do we know students learned? The students smile, nod, happy, and finally go out his or her way to do as he/she had learned.

“While learning is important than assessing” but I still believe that it is important to assess students because then it will allow you to know whether or not they understand the concepts.

Yes I agree that students need support and feedback because this allows them to know whether or not they understand the concepts.

Assessment is a key component of learning because it helps students to learn . When students are able to see how they are doing in a class, they are able to determine whether or not they understand course material. Assessment can also help motivate students. Therefore I totally agree with statement

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Learning is important than assessing:

  • by learning
    -students can find ways to adapt/adopt standard of living nowadays.
  • access to new and different opportunities, skills and new things that are very important to our self esteem.

*by assessing
-it may demotivate students and lower their self esteem.

For first statement, i disagree. i’d like to re phrase the statement this way “learning is equally important as assessing”. we cannot progress in learning if assessing is not done. we need to see our weaknesses and strength to improve. Yes students always need support and feedback. I do believe a one to one feedback after an assessment is effective. Student support works well to if they, students, seek support from teachers and are open to discuss their needs.

Learning is part and partial of assessing. They go hand in hand. Through assessing a trainer will know the competency of the learner. And that also requires feedback or feedforward. Learners (students) needed support and feedback from their mentors to better assist them in areas that they lack skills and or ability.

I would say that assessing is part of learning because we assess to find out whether learning has taken place or not, and we may not be sure if learning has taken place or not if we do not assess. so one cannot work without the other. They both need each other.
On the other hand, learning will be difficult to take place if students are not not provided with the support that they need. Therefore it is important that support is given to students, students then learn through the support, assessment is done and then finally it is important that students receive feedback so that they know their strengths or weakness and be able to improve.

Learning is definitely more important than assessing. Assessment is a way of assessing the learning. However, too many assessments hinder learning. Students begin to dread assessments. time is spent more on preparation for assessments rather than focusing on the learning when too many assessments are implemented.

Feedback is essential in learning. Without feedback, students would lose direction of learning .