AS4ODFL (PAC) Forms of assessment

I have done some Classroom teachings but mostly on the job trainings. we do all three types of assessments to understand that our trainee is fully aware of what’s going on. as an OJTI we need to keep up with our trainees and Assessment for learning will be there always. Assessment as learning mostly comes in the debrief and lastly at the final phase of the training comes the Assessment of learning.

Assessment is an ongoing part of practice. The role of the teacher is to ensure any prescribed content at each year level is covered. This approach is more top down since we teach according to topics identified to be learned in order to enhance students’ understandimng and skills. On the other hand, assessment for learning is centered around building on students’ existing achievement level. The involvement of using feedback can help teachers to change their teaching approach to meet learning needs. And lastly, assessment to learning requires that students reflect and evaluate their own performance. They resolve on how their own problem can be solved.

I have not much experience using this 3 assessment but hope to do so after completing this course now that I have learned how they differ.

Yes we always include Assessment of learning, assessment for learning and assessment as learning.

Assessment of learning: Role plays is one of the assessment that our English teachers integrated in their teaching. Role play plays allows students to demonstrate their skills in communication and acting as well. Not only that, they will also learn the important values they displayed on the role plays.

Assessment for learning: In our school we use different types of assessment depending on the course subject. For example in science, we use worksheets and text book exercises as an assessment to prepare students for their topic tests. Students were guided and given feedback before their sit the tests. Practical experiments were done as well to to help students to better understand the concepts. These assessment allows us as teachers to know whether or not the students understand the concepts.
A role play as an assessment helps increase the students’ knowledge on the concepts as well.

Assessment as learning: Students are always encouraged to be independent and responsible for their learning. Assessment as learning is integrated in other assessment as well. A research project for example, being an assessment for learning, students are encouraged to do it on their own. They will be responsible to find their data and work independently to put together their findings and write their report. This will allow them to evaluate their progress and make adjustments to achieve their goal.

i as a tecaher most time i get carried away and concentrate more on testing schedules and deadlines of assesment period. i tend to forget to see if the student really has learnt something. however when a test is conducted, sometimes i dont get the best outcome. and there are otyer times were i get the best results.
therefore i would say that i only practice Assesment of learning and assesment for learning, and i start doing my evaluations of the results obtained at the end of every term.

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As a teacher assessment is the major tool to gauge the individual student’s performance. Teacher can carry out either formative or summative assessment. Assessment of learning mostly deals with formative assessment where its helps to summarise what students know. Assessment for learning mainly focus on formative assessment where learning process to clarify students learning and understanding. Assessment as learning reflects students own monitoring assessment. Therefore, assessment provides feedback to the teacher/instructor whether the concept thought was understood by each students. If the overall assessment results is not good, as a teacher you need to come up with new strategies to re taught the concepts to the students.

i yes i do realized with own reflections on my teaching that i do make use of the three types of assessment. However, assessment of learning stands out more while assessment for learning and as learning were practiced less often. usually assessment for learning comes in during teaching. Assessment as learning is done very briefly during class discussions but its hard to get students talking.

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Yes that is also true for me. the curriculum date lines has forced us to depend on Assessment of learning to evaluate students performance rather than using assessment for and as learning to judge a true effort for students.

As a teacher I integrate all forms of assessments. I utilizes Assessment for Learning (AFL) in formative assessments such as continuous assessments to facilitate students learning. Students also utilizes Assessment as Learning (AAL) to better organize themselves to comprehend tasks given and read and attempt activities for their own understanding and learning. Assessment of Learning (AOL) is also done in the form or summative tests and or examination towards the end of a particular topic or end of term or academic year. All forms of assessments needed to be carried out as it is because their compliment each others to facilitate teaching and learning.

After reading all 3 definitions and understanding each one, I can say that I have often used assessment of Learning and Assessment for learning as Assessment as Learning is rarely used. Assessment as Learning is also so important because it gets the students to think outside the box promoting high-level thinkers. Implementing all 3 into daily teaching practices reminds me of ‘Bloom’s taxonomy’.

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As part of my teaching, I make use of assessment for learning because to plan future learning goals and pathways for students through their performance to improve more.

Thank you for your response. To encourage students to think more deeply about how they learned, we can give them a planning (with task and specific learning outcomes) or a check-list to allows the student to see their progress, if they have meet the targeted skills and also, to allow them to choose their easy learning method. For example, a weekly planning offers the opportunity for students to organize their learning and work independently or in groups. They can work in their own pace.
I hope I answered correctly your question.

As a composite class teacher, I have been implementing, both Assessment of Learning and Assessment for Learning for assessment. Mainly for Summative Assessment and to get proper grades for my students and it has work wonderfully.

Yes,I could say that the three forms of assessment had been used as part of my teaching. That is when I used questions and prompts during a topic discussion and could see that learners are participating and engaging in the learning, and or evaluating my teaching and the learners progress.

As a student, I firmly believe “assessment as learning” is my way of learning. I gain the ability to notice my own thoughts and process. The way learning goes help me understand exactly where i stand and what i need to work on.

I am a teacher in a francophone secondary school in Vanuatu and I used to apply the first two types of assessment on assessment of learning and assessment for learning in my teaching .
Howerver, I need to think on the assessment as learning in my teaching especially in this era of COVID 19 pandemic that is affecting my country nowadays .


In my 12 years of teaching experience I must say that I have been using these 3 described assessment interchangeably and sometimes integrating two at least. Assessment as learning I come to use when an activity I design to be cooperative learning. In groups of three, students discuss at least three questions and later present their learning while others listen and take notes, then another group comes up but with different questions to present. However, time is one factor that I find as challenge to do assessment as learning-to let students learn at their on pace. Thus, I am more common with the first two types of assessments.

Mauri @ezta22 good to see you. Tekeraoi riki.

Teaching is a wonderful profession that impacts the livelihood of an individual. From where I come from, all the assessments are required in an institution. For instance, at the end of a semester students sit an Exam and that is “Assessment of learning”. In a particular semester I carry out activities for students to measure the level they are in. From there on I come to find their weakness and strengths and so find necessary solutions to help upgrade their learning. That off course is “Assessment for learning”. “Assessment as Learning” on the other hand, is not often used but I think it comes in during internal assessment especially "oral presentation where students create their own poem/song out from the themes of literatures studied in class. All in all, Assessments are very important when it comes to learning.

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Being a teacher is everything. First, I have to know my content well then organize myself on how it can be taught. Planning how to facilitate students’ learning must involve assessment of, assessment for and assessment as learning. Students need to see the significance of their learning process in their learning experience. For instance, by introducing a classroom discussion based on an assigned theme from a selected short story, students can learn from each other and have the opportunity to participate in their own learning. They can later work individually to write their own poems or songs based on the theme and produce a power point presentation. This is part of creative response and an integrating technique.