AS4ODFL (PAC) Forms of assessment

Purpose: to reflect on your own approach to assessment and how it has changed.

In this activity you will meet and discuss with other participants online, after you have read the forms of assessment.

Please post your views by clicking the reply button below, in response to the questions:

  • As part of your teaching do you make use of assessment of learning, assessment for learning or assessment as learning?
  • Why do you say so?

In my opinion, I have integrated and implemented all the various forms of assessment thus makes it valid and reliable in terms of assessing my learners…
Also I find it interesting to note that students participated effectively in assessment of learning as they are given an opportunity to learn and correct their own peers (peer teaching) and group work as well


I prefer using Assessment for learning when asking questions on what the student is doing during the lesson, get students to involve and monitor them and even asking qestions to one on one afta their work had been marked.
The reason is because, it is where it involves students understand and can do as learning process is happening. This Assessment also helps me identify any misunderstanding and difficulties or gaps of knowledge that I will make adjustment to improve my teaching.


As part of my teaching I do make use of the three type of assessment. I do the assessment of learning, in the beginning of my lesson where I ask few questions about the topic we are going to talk about. I do assessment for learning during the lesson, by giving students several different activities in order to identify difficulties and help student to validate specific learning outcomes, lastly, at the end of the lesson, I do assessment as learning by asking student to summarize or give a feedback on the lesson learned.

In our school we are learning as teachers. Initially we tended to use Assessment of Learning as the main way to know what our students had learned. However, in the past couple of years we have had some training about Assessment for Learning and being flexible in our planning so that we can respond to the students understanding while we are teaching. We use the ‘I do’, We do’, ‘You do’, approach to teaching and are more active in walking around the classroom while the students are completing the given tasks so we can pick up misunderstanding, gaps etc more quickly than if we wait until Friday’s test. We haven’t reached Assessment as learning yet!

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Being in TVET, I apply mostly assessment for learning as the courses are ongoing. This helps the learners to show evidence of competencies acquired. Project-based courses like programming I use assessment as learning. to prepare for their certifications, I use summative assessments (assessment of learning)

In our School system where we focus mainly on completing the syllabi and lesson coverage we tend to follow assessment of learning but we at times have topic tests, quiz and other informal assessments to gauze our teaching. Many times we force thinks in students minds so we are creating opportunities for the students to make adjustments to the way they approach learning but we need to put in more emphasize. Mostly we focus on formative and summative assessment.

On past teaching, I was using mostly assessment of learning to check my learners knowledge and skills against what they have learnt as I do not really knowing the other two forms of assessment specified on this workshop. However knowing these other two forms of assessment now, I can see their importance in field and I would start using them in future training.

I always prefer using Assessment for Learning
The raison is to allow participants have enough time to prepare for the assessment.

I am interested to see mixed responses to this question. Some of you are focused on assessment of learning, for different reasons. Other teachers already integrate two or three kinds of assessment in different ways. You may want to read the definitions again, and make sure you have the same understanding as we do. Also, start to think how you can enrich and expand assessment opportunities to students.

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You make an interesting point that using all three forms of assessment increase the validity and reliability of assessment.

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Your lessons seem well integrated. Summarising and giving feedback on a lesson may lead to students thinking about their own learning. How do you, or could encourage students to think more deeply about how they learned?

In my teaching, I think I apply the three forms of assessment. I may not have a recorded formality of these different assessments, as when in the classroom, for example, we start off like ‘Do you remember if you have covered this topic/’ and the next thing, depending on the students’ feedback, we say, ‘ok let us recall …’ And of course, on a weekly, or at each completion of the unit, we give a short test?

I have done some Classroom teachings but mostly on the job trainings. we do all three types of assessments to understand that our trainee is fully aware of what’s going on. as an OJTI we need to keep up with our trainees and Assessment for learning will be there always. Assessment as learning mostly comes in the debrief and lastly at the final phase of the training comes the Assessment of learning.

Assessment is an ongoing part of practice. The role of the teacher is to ensure any prescribed content at each year level is covered. This approach is more top down since we teach according to topics identified to be learned in order to enhance students’ understandimng and skills. On the other hand, assessment for learning is centered around building on students’ existing achievement level. The involvement of using feedback can help teachers to change their teaching approach to meet learning needs. And lastly, assessment to learning requires that students reflect and evaluate their own performance. They resolve on how their own problem can be solved.

I have not much experience using this 3 assessment but hope to do so after completing this course now that I have learned how they differ.

Yes we always include Assessment of learning, assessment for learning and assessment as learning.

Assessment of learning: Role plays is one of the assessment that our English teachers integrated in their teaching. Role play plays allows students to demonstrate their skills in communication and acting as well. Not only that, they will also learn the important values they displayed on the role plays.

Assessment for learning: In our school we use different types of assessment depending on the course subject. For example in science, we use worksheets and text book exercises as an assessment to prepare students for their topic tests. Students were guided and given feedback before their sit the tests. Practical experiments were done as well to to help students to better understand the concepts. These assessment allows us as teachers to know whether or not the students understand the concepts.
A role play as an assessment helps increase the students’ knowledge on the concepts as well.

Assessment as learning: Students are always encouraged to be independent and responsible for their learning. Assessment as learning is integrated in other assessment as well. A research project for example, being an assessment for learning, students are encouraged to do it on their own. They will be responsible to find their data and work independently to put together their findings and write their report. This will allow them to evaluate their progress and make adjustments to achieve their goal.

i as a tecaher most time i get carried away and concentrate more on testing schedules and deadlines of assesment period. i tend to forget to see if the student really has learnt something. however when a test is conducted, sometimes i dont get the best outcome. and there are otyer times were i get the best results.
therefore i would say that i only practice Assesment of learning and assesment for learning, and i start doing my evaluations of the results obtained at the end of every term.

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As a teacher assessment is the major tool to gauge the individual student’s performance. Teacher can carry out either formative or summative assessment. Assessment of learning mostly deals with formative assessment where its helps to summarise what students know. Assessment for learning mainly focus on formative assessment where learning process to clarify students learning and understanding. Assessment as learning reflects students own monitoring assessment. Therefore, assessment provides feedback to the teacher/instructor whether the concept thought was understood by each students. If the overall assessment results is not good, as a teacher you need to come up with new strategies to re taught the concepts to the students.

i yes i do realized with own reflections on my teaching that i do make use of the three types of assessment. However, assessment of learning stands out more while assessment for learning and as learning were practiced less often. usually assessment for learning comes in during teaching. Assessment as learning is done very briefly during class discussions but its hard to get students talking.

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