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If you run into problems or questions when trying to work out your Blog Feed address using our Blog Feed Finder, please post a description here!

Hi, when I paste the url of my blog ( error message shows “we weren’t able to find a feed on this site”. Could you please advise the cause of error?

I’ve just tested it, and it looks like, if there is an RSS feed for your blog, it’s not in any of the places that the Blog Feed Finder looks… Are you aware of there being a feed? Can you perhaps check your blog’s administrative interface to ensure that the feed is enabled?

Thanks for your prompt reply. Just checked, it happened because I set ‘private’ under ‘Privacy’ setting. It is working fine now.

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Thanks for reporting back! It’s always a relief when software one’s written turns out to work properly :slight_smile:

I have a WordPress blog ( that I can’t seem to link up. Suggestions?

Hello Kathleen - when I enter your blog address - - into the “Find your blog’s feed address!” field on I see it finds a feed URL:

If you run that when you’re logged into, and enrolled in a course, you should find the option below that feed URL to assign it as the blog associated with any course you’re enrolled in… Does that address your problem?