Blog not picked up by harvester

I really don’t want to bother creating a new blog. I have a blog on my website that I have been posting bits and pieces to for the last 6 years or so. I put in the URL and have a hashtag #LiDA101 on the blog at the top of the stack. The harvester found the URL but doesn’t harvest the blog entry. Any ideas ?

Interesting, @obriaind - double check, though, that you don’t need the # at the start of the tag if it’s tagging for a blog post. (although in theory, the code should accept it either way, so might be a bug). Thanks for letting me know. (and nice to see you’re a vi user :slight_smile: )

Actually, looking at your blog, I couldn’t find a feed… did you use the When I just tried it, it didn’t detect any feeds… (it has to be a compliant feed)