Can I get formal academic credit for OERu courses

Yes, most OERu courses provide the option for assessment towards academic credit at the one of our OERu partner institutions. You can also earn stackable micro-credentials towards full course credit.

This means you’ll pay significantly reduced fees when compared to full-tuition costs. Once you successfully complete your assessments, and meet the assessment requirements, you will earn credit towards the specified course from the OERu partner. You can find the credentialing information on the relevant course page descriptions on the OERu website - please check that you meet the institution’s admission requirements for tertiary study.

Course page descriptions on the OERu website.

Courses descriptions that display a graduate cap are available for formal academic credit:

Course descriptions displaying a certificate ribbon can be assessed for stackable micro-credentials towards formal course credit:

Course descriptions displaying the following badge are not accredited for formal academic credit:

Two types of formal academic credit

  1. For OERu designated qualifications like the Certificate Higher Education Business (OERu), the assessing partner will issue transcript credit which can be transferred to the University of the Highlands and Islands to earn the qualification.
  2. You can earn transcript credit for stand alone courses that are available for formal credit, but you need to check with your university if they will recognize transfer credit towards your qualification.