CCOM101 Getting to know your audience

Read Chapter 3.4 in Business Communication for Success.

This reading gives practical guidance on how to:

  • learn more about your audience,
  • develop successful perceptual strategies, and
  • practise fair communication

Reciprocity, a key fairness principle, includes mutuality, non-judgmentalism, respect, and honesty (all of these terms are outlined in the reading). Note that fair communication also includes using information from up-to-date and credible sources, and citing your sources.

Meeting diverse audience expectations is key to effective communication. Getting to know your audiences’ frames of reference requires research, time, and effort.

What other tools and/or methods could you use to learn more about the people who are going to read what you write? Are there any particular advantages and/or disadvantages to these? Share your thoughts in this forum and see what ideas other learners have posted.

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