CCOM101 Message Emphasis Challenge

  • Demonstrate effective use of a visual, signpost, preview, review, and/or repetition strategy to emphasise a key message about a business communication topic. For example, you might focus on a verbal communication principle, or on a communication barrier. Alternatively, you can choose another topic that interests you.
  • To get started, review the course materials on how to design effective messages, or build on a project you have in progress.
  • When your message is ready, write a clear, concise response (about 150 words) to these questions:
    – What is your message?
    – Who is your audience?
    – How would you check for understanding?
    – What result(s) do you hope to achieve?
    – What did you find easy in this exercise?
    – What was difficult?
    – What is your result?
  • Share your key business message in this course topic forum.