CCOM101: Writing styles activity

The following activity will help you recognise different writing styles and the appropriate contexts for using them.

  1. Read and compare four different types of business documents which you find either online or on paper. (Make sure that the materials you are looking at are produced by a reputable organisation that is likely to have a high standard of written English. If you wish, you may use the materials suggested on the Writing Style page of the CCOM101 course.) For example, this might be:
    *A brochure
    *A blog
    *A company report
    *A complaint form

  2. For each piece of writing, note down:

  • The intended audience
  • The purpose (or ‘message’)
  • The context
  • What style of language has been used
  • How you have identified the style (e.g. has the writer used particular words, phrases or formatting typical of that style?)
  • Why you think this style of writing is appropriate (or not) for the message and the audience
  1. Share your thoughts on one of these pieces of writing by replying to this topic.
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