Difficulty in log in into different platforms in LIDA

Respected friends, is it required to make separate accounts on OERu forums, course page and other main elements of the course, i am finding little difficulty in log in into different platforms with same id and password

Hi - I’m Dave Lane, the open source technologist who’s responsible for OERu’s technologies. At this stage, yes, you’ll need a different login for each service. I encourage you to adopt a password manager to keep track of your passwords under any circumstances - a great (open source) choice is Bitwarden.

We’re working on a single sign-on solution that allows you to avoid multiple sets of credentials, but it’s a tough thing to achieve, and it’s not quite there yet, but it’s not too far away!

Dave, I’m so happy to hear that you all are moving to single sign-on! I tried to do the LIDA CC course over the summer, but what with following OERu discussions and this and that over the years, I seem to have registered with more than one work email address, personal email…Total mess! I couldn’t get all the parts working even with my password manager. I finally gave up attempting to complete the course. Maybe next summer! :slight_smile:

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Sorry to hear it caused you such difficulties! While SSO will likely make things somewhat easier for OERu learners, it’s not a panacea, and all Internet users suffer from a surplus of credentials - good use of a password manager is rapidly becoming a necessary part of good digital hygiene.