Digital Literacy

Now a days its compulsory to have digital literacy for better compete to a new world to keep ourselves updated,its necessary to learn it.

You are right in bringing this significance of Digital Literacy. We all know that Education is not just in the books now, it is neither in the things around us; education has moved beyond our sights and we need to travel that far through DIGITAL Resources!
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Yes,you are right Sir.Now the thing are changing very fast.One has to cope up with the speed of technology.

Our secondary schools curriculum should encompass teaching on digital literacy as a school subject. With the fast growing of technology today, our learners should be taught all tactics of learning digitally. Nower days our children are glued on their cellphone and social media is part of their life, such teaching about digital literacy could make them change their mindset on how best they could use social media to control and organise their learning goals. #LiDA101

That is an absolute truth that is unquestionable.