Does the OERu offer micro-credentials for assessed learning?

Yes, a number of OERu courses offer micro-credentials for assessed learning. The OERu has partnered with Edubits to provide assessment services for micro-credentials. Each assessment is small enough to be manageable for busy people, but big enough to be meaningful to employers.

This option will suit you if you would like your learning to be formally assessed, but are not necessarily interested in completing a full course. For example, you may be taking only one micro-course, rather than completing the full set of micro-courses required for the university credential. In courses which offer these micro-credentials, you complete the same assessments as the students taking OERu courses for academic credit.

Course descriptions on the OERu web site which display the following certificate ribbon are available for micro-credentials:

Edubits are stackable micro-credentials. If you complete the corresponding set of micro-credentials for a full OERu course, you will qualify for transcript credit towards designated OERu qualifications.