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Please post any general questions and contributions for the Digital skills for collaborative OER development (DS4OER) micro-course by clicking on the reply button below.

Digital skills for Collaborative OER Development makes me feel part of the Technology that is the 4th industrial revolution which gets me involved in digital learning skills

Greetings! I requested for an account four days ago and did receive the password yet. I would like to know as to how long usually does it take.

Dear @Emphahrs

Normally it doesn’t take that long for account approval. Please note that we are in the process of updating the DS4OER course materials for the next cohort starting soon and there will be some components of the publishing process technologies that will change - but you are most welcome to work ahead.

Thanks for the response. I thought you are still on the long weekend. I started already and got stuck because of not having password to logon into wikieducator.

How do I Answer the antispam question when creating a account for the course bookmarks?