“#DS4OERS”Thought Experiment

Open matters a lot in the real world where sharing of information is very much needed in the educational arena. Education is a process of learning. We all learn from each other using available created resources or materials. If one is going to disclose the information that he or she knows then how could we learn from each other? Therefore, in sharing open educational resources, we are helping each other, up skilling ourselves with advanced information about what we already know. Or in open sharing, we sometimes shape and mold a particular subject content that we are well versed with.
“Papua New Guinea” is a developing country, where educational resources are scarce, and the geographical features of the country do not allow basic educational services to reach all people in remote parts of the country. Even in schools, text books could not be afforded for every individual student. Today, the use of mobile phones and computers are creating an alternative pathway for online learning for our students. Most of our students and teachers are yet to be introduced to online learning. If all our teachers are to be trained to create Open Education Resourses, I assume it could take us at least 3 years to at most 5 years to cover the full school curriculum. This means Papua New Guinea education department is going to declare a National “#DS4OERS” day after years. However, open educational resources will matter a lot here as the resources are free to access and will benefit a lot of students as they venture into online learning.
Personally, I find open educational resources interesting and useful to those who really need it. I am looking forward to creating open resources once I know how to remix the Creative Commons licenses so that I may meaningfully contribute learning resources for those who may need it.

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