EDT4OL Empowered Digital Teacher For Online Learning

enjoying the course but i cannot access everything on moodle have to login to different sites. it will be easy if we find everything in moodle. thank you just a suggestion overall enjoying the course.

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Greetings @avineshlal

I am pleased you are enjoying the course so far.

Actually all the course materials are linked from within the Moodle site ;-). You can access all the course materials for EDT4OL without needing to log into Moodle. All EDT4OL materials are accessible on the course website - without the need to register an account to gain access.

The purpose of this intermediate level course is to develop your skills in publishing learning materials to support learning on the internet - rather than learning via a single site like Moodle. This is why we have distributed interactions and content across multiple sites. With a little patience you will find your way around this digital learning ecosystem.

While Moodle is an excellent open source learning management system (LMS), there are some disadvantages:

  • Collaborative authoring of OER-enabled courses is not easy to achieve using an LMS
  • In an organisational context, learners typically do not retain access and control to the content they generate in a course - which is why we encourage learners to set up a personal blog site which functions as a e-learning portfolio.

While remembering password access details for multiple sites can be a challenge, the internet comprises thousands for websites. We recommend that students learn to use a password manager - an important skills for learning to learn on the internet.

Good luck with the rest of the course!

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