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Use this forum topic for help and support for authoring wiki pages and publishing to your course website.

  • Please summarize the problem you are trying to resolve.
  • Please include the following URLs when requesting help:
    • The relevant wiki sub-page
    • Your wiki ‘Outline page’
    • Your WordPress course site

(By providing the URLs, your facilitator will be able to identify markup errors and where appropriate, fix any syntax errors directly in the wiki.)

Hi Dr. Wayne @mackiwg,
Kindly check my wiki markup here I tried several times but the embedded video in my WordPress course site does not show the playback, it looks like this.
Thank you so much.

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Hi @Geraldine

Thanks for reporting - I’m pleased to report that there was no error in your syntax! Your published learning pathway is coming along rather well and you can be proud of your progress. Nice work!

The video embed is now playing on your course site.

There was a plugin on the EDT4OL site used for responsive video which I had not activated. I’ve enabled the plugin and its all working now - with apology for the inconvenience.


Please check for the following MyOutlinpage, MyHomepage and my sub pages as follows; Introduction subpage and Activity subpage. Please advise if the links is correctly ‘wikied’. The last is my Learning Challenge subpage. My struggle is still publsihing to Wordpress. Appreciate support. Many thanks.

Hi @bkabuatioer

I can see you are making steady progress.

There are no syntax errors on your outline page. Good work.

I will contact you via email to arrange a time for a video call to help you with getting your snapshot credentials sorted.

In the meantime, I have published a snapshot of your Outline page to the course site here: https://edt4ol.oerfoundation.org/bkabuatioer-course/ . You can preview what your wiki pages will look like on the course site.



  • The image depicting “Accounting concepts” is not legible. I recommend that you recreate the graphic yourself using a graphics package. LibreOffice Draw (used in DS4OERS) is a good option.
  • The external wiki link to “Accounting principles” does not have label text. Revise the syntax as follows:

[https://www.accountingcoach.com/accounting-principles/explanation Accounting concepts] published by the Accounting coach. (Note the space after the URL followed by the label text.

Accounting concepts

Its not good practice to generated images that display text. This is a problem for accessibility, for example, a blind person will not be able to use a screen reader in this case to listen to the words contained in the image. Better to publish the text in the wiki its. You could use a definition IDevice to display this in a way that will be compatible with a screen reader.

So for example - You would use the following wiki text:

'''What does accounting concepts mean?'''

"The tern accounting concepts refer to basic rules, assumptions, and principles which act as a primary standard for recording business transactions and maintaining books of accounts"

This looks like a definition you have cited - so will will need to include a reference. I suggest using the tag as explained in the course materials.


I can’t decipher what you are trying to do here. The link resolves to the login page of the Accounting Coach Site- but it looks like you are trying to embed an mp3 in the wiki. We don’t support native playback of MP3 via the wiki to the course site. Please note that the Account Coach site is all rights reserved - and if you downloaded a copy of an mp3 file from this site - you will be in breach of copyright.

Have you considered searching for a suitable “Accounting concepts” video on Youtube? If you find a suitable video - you can use the wiki text for embedding Youtube videos on the course sites.

Learning challenge

Don’t link to your wiki quizzes subpage - because you want the interactive items to display on the course site (rather than linking to another page.)

Copy the wiki text from your quizzes subpage and paste it into your Learning challenge page. In this way the interactive quizzes will then display on the course site.

Greetings Dr Wayne @mackiwg Please check my Outlinepage I think I have followed your instructions, pls confirm. Kind regards. I will be around till 4pm for the snapshot. Many thanks.

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Well done Bob :clap: :clap: :clap: - That’s looking much better now.

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Hi Dr. Wayne @mackiwg,
My Wiki Quizzes seem to work in Wikieducator but when published in the WordPress they show the correct answers. I tried edit-publish several times but the correct answers still appears in the WordPress course page. Kindly help me check, here is the link to my Wiki page, and here’s the link for the WordPress course page.
Thank you once again.


Hi @Geraldine

You are making excellent progress - well done!

There was a missing plugin on the WordPress course site which has now been installed. Your quiz items are now working.

Thanks for reporting and we apologize for the inconvenience.

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Congratulations Geraldine! What your magic to get your wiki published on Wordpress page. :grinning: Congradulations!

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Greetings Dr Wayne @mackiwg Please check the following outline. The Learning Challenge subpage is somehow the Title has changed. Refer to the screenshot.

Please kindly advise.

Hi Dr.Wayne @mackiwg,
Thank you for activating the plugin needed for the wiki quiz to work in WordPress. The whole process so far is challenging but at the same time I have enjoyed it knowing that it’s for a good cause as it will allow us to create and publish our own course this way other than paid sites only or LMS like Moodle. I know that this is just the tip of the iceberg and there’s more to it but thank you for guiding us through to create a sample course.

Hi @bkabuatioer,
Thank you so much and soon I’m sure you will also publish it. Keep on trying and fortunately for us Dr.Wayne is always ready to support and guide us through.
God bless.

Hi @bkabuatioer

Your H5P objects reside on your blog site - therefore the syntax for embedding H5P must point to the site where the H5P objects are stored - not your user on WikiEducator.

The syntax you should be using is:

|style=font-weight: bold; 
|classes=class1 class2 


  • The subsite is the suffix of your blog subsite on https://edt4ol.oerfoundation.org where you saved your H5P objects.
  • Leave the subdir= parameter empty - it is not needed for a WordPress site that hosts H5P objects.
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To be fair - this is an intermediate level digital skills course. In the beginning it can be confusing. However, you have now succeeded in demonstrating the majority of skills you will need. Celebrate your achievement. The finish line is in sight.

When supporting learning on the Internet - its critical to know how to publish learning materials in environments other than a LMS and for learners to learn online outside of the LMS.

In the near future we will be launching an initiative for the Pacific region where we will be providing shared infrastructure for individual countries to publish their own course sites. You now have the skills to join us in this initiative.

Keep up the good work.

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You are very true Geraldine @geraldine with regard to Dr Wayne @mackiwg He’s always there making sure we are doing the right thing. Steps in when will call out. Somehow I wonder if he ever gets time for himself and his family. He seems to be always around because when we call out, he is there! Many thanks.


This sounds great and looking forward to joining you then as we are now in the process of developing online courses - this will certainly benefit our institution and the whole nation of Papua New Guinea.

Thank you so much for all the support.