EDT4OL (PAC): H5P support forum

If you have any questions or need support in using H5P for this course, please post these here by clicking on the reply button below.

First, check the other posts to see if someone else has posted about the same issue and there could already be a solution.

When posting your question or request for help be as specific as possible: for example, ‘I can’t make more than one question in an H5P multiple choice quiz’. Include a link to a published blog post or page if available.

If you are able to help someone with their issue or question feel free to respond to their post. They and any future course participant coming across that post will appreciate your help.

The following Wikipage does not display my H5P content. Shown here. Appreciate your help.

I did not see the Wikipage but I manage to go to your course in the WordPress where you published some great H5P activities. I tried to answer them and enjoyed the experience. Thank you and congratulations for publishing your course page.


Thank you Geraldine @Geraldine for sharing your experience from my trials and errors. Appreciate so much your feedback of congratulations. Please keep in touch, you do have admirable online skills and knowledge. Keeping in touch is the best way of sharing. Have a blessed day Geraldine.

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