EDT4OL (PAC) - Snapshot challenge support forum

Please post any questions you have about the snapshot process in this support forum for the snapshot process challenge.

Posting support questions in the forum has the advantage that learners dealing with the same issue can consult the forum for answers. Let’s help each other to succeed.

If you have a specific technical question relating to your own outline page, remember to share the URL link to this page. As an open wiki, your facilitators will be able to help you fix any obvious errors directly on the page and with the wiki history, you will be able to review any changes made.

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If its okay to put on a short video clip of a snapshot procedure for those who can’t manage to cope up when sapshoting the activity. Just for those who are interested to follow-up to learn more about how to snapshot anything.

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Greetings Dr Wayne @mackiwg. Snapshott challenge is trully a challenge! I am still struggling between completing required course outline using wiki and the process of publishing my wiki draft outline to worprocess. Is it possible to publish my draft outline wiki to word process? I really want to start publishing to wordprocess so I can feel the taste of outlining on the wiki and then publishing it to wordprocess. Appreciate you advise.

Greetings Bob! (@bkabuatioer)

You have made exemplary progress with your wiki skills - I’ve been observing your work on your practice pages.

Yes - You will be able to practice publishing to WordPress. Tomorrow I will set up a dedicated site for you to practice publishing a snapshot. I’ve been holding back on this step to give EDT4OL participants a little more time to catch up on their intermediate wiki editing skills - hence the temporary delay.

Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing your first snapshot!

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Hi Dr. Wayne @mackiwg,
I am truly enjoying everything and excited to but need your assistance in creating snapshot. I tried several times but all failed. I have copied and pasted the given template but I must be doing something wrong. I wonder if you can check my user page and assist me from there. Thank you very much.

Hi Bob (@bkabuatioer)

I’ve created a course site for you [here] at the following URL (Course site – Just another EDT4OL Blog and Course Sites site): https://edt4ol.oerfoundation.org/bkabuatioer-course/ and embedded the Snapshot widget on your [outline subpage](https://User:Bkabuatiwiki/ Outline) linked from your userpage in the wiki.

You can now start editing the subpage names and pipe text of the individual pages in your course outline.

Once you have populated the text on the subpages of your outline, you will be able to “Request a snapshot” which will publish the content to your course site.

Good luck and keep up the hard work. The finish line is in site!


Thanks for your query. I’m impressed with your progress - you have done a good job following the course instructions. Well done.

I’ve set up your course site here at the following URL: https://edt4ol.oerfoundation.org/geraldine-course/

You made a small syntax error in specifying the target URL in the snapshot widget on your outline page in the wiki, which I have fixed this now. :smiley:

You can now proceed with editing the subpages of your outline in the wiki and you are all set up to request a snapshot.

Keep up the good work - the finish line is in sight!

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Dr. Wayne@mackiwg,
I am so overjoyed and relieved; it’s really a great help over that small syntax that has hindered my progress so far. Many thanks with your support :smile:


Hi @Geraldine

Fantastic! I see your snapshot test was successful.

I’ve made many syntax errors in the past - so you are not alone. In the future you will be able to pay your learning forward by helping other educators to acquire these skills.


Greetings Dr Wayne @mackiwg Please kindly chekc if the following synthax are correct. Been trying to publish to wordpress, but all attempts FAIL! Pls check and advise -

Hi Bob (@bkabuatioer)

I’ve fixed your outline subpage - there were a couple of page and syntax errors.

  • The outline page needs to be its own sub-page (not a section on your Userpage) - so I moved your draft outline to an “Outline sub-page” which is now linked from your Userpage.
  • There was an error in the syntax of your Snapshot Widget - You had not specified the correct URL for your target course site. I’ve fixed this.
  • The wiki URL for the wiki subpages pages for your “Accounting concepts” learning pathway were incorrect - I’ve fixed these as follows:

I tested that the snapshot is working - You can view the output of your draft outline so far here.


  1. Always request your snapshot from the Outline sub-page (It is linked from your userpage.
  2. Additional subpages for your learning pathway must be added to the Outline page above following the URL page convention illustrated in the image above.
  3. Check that you have a current login session on WikiEducator before requesting a snapshot.
  4. Use your login credentials of for the https://edt4ol.oerfoundation.org/bkabuatioer-course/ site when clicking on the “Request snapshot” button.

Everything is working now - you’re making good progress and looking forward to seeing your learning pathway taking shape.

Good luck!

Thank you Dr Wayne @mackiwg for the corrections and fixing of so many errors. Very much appreciated. Editing wiki, we have Homepage, if editing, how do we move from Homepage and to Outlinepage. Finally, I presume my problem when trying to publish to Wordpress is to do with 1. Use your login credentials of for the https://edt4ol.oerfoundation.org/bkabuatioer-course/ site when clicking on the “Request snapshot” button. I am now on the wiki editing. Thank you your continuous support. Much appreciated.

I am not so sure which password I use for my https://edt4ol.oerfoundation.org/bkabuatioer-course. I think I have more than one site of such??

Hi Bob - you don’t need to move your Homepage to the Outline page for editing. When editing the Homepage (or any of the other pages for your course site) you edit directly on the relevant wiki page.

The purpose of the outline page is to inform the snapshot scrip which of the WikiEducator pages must be included on your course site and to generate the navigation for your course site. You don’t edit the content of the pages on the course outline page - the editing is done on the individual pages in the wiki.

In summary:

  • A course site is published from a collection of individual pages in WikiEducator
  • The Outline page lists the pages you want to include in your course site and specifies the order in which they are published on the course site via the snapshot script.
  • Editing of content is done on the individual pages in the wiki (not on the outline page).

Credentials for the “Request snapshot” button

Your course website is hosted on the same WordPress Multisite as your edt4ol.oerfoundation.org blog site. You should use the same username and password of your edt4ol.oerfoundation.org/bkabuatioer-blog site

The reason you must use your edt4ol WordPress credentials is because Wordpress must check if you have adminstration privileges / permissions to publish on the WordPress site. Otherwise any member of the public visting your Outline page in the wiki could then publish to your course site.

Hope that makes sense!

Talking about wiki pages Is this a page?. What about this this one? and another one?. When talking about individual wiki page, with content outline, do we mean the same thing?

How many pages in this? Or it is one of wiki pages?
the bullets shown are they called wiki pages? To edit ‘introduction’ page, can I edit it here?

Hi @bkabuatioer

Each of the following in your example are wiki pages (because they link to pages in the wiki)

  • AOL1 - Accounting Online Learning Part 1 (Your homepage)
  • Introduction
  • Activity
  • Learning Challenge

You click on these links to edit the content of those pages.

Technically speaking - The Outline page is also a page in WikiEducator - however we don’t use this page for editing content of the individual pages.

The Outline page is used for determining the structure of the course site comprising the individual content pages for the course site. The other bullets (which are not pages in the wiki) are used as the labels for the course site navigation.


  1. Take a look at the WikiEducator Outline page for EDT4OL
  2. Open the EDT4OL course website on WordPress using a new tab.
  3. Compare how each sub-page (which is a link) in the outline page refers to a content page on the course site.
  4. Note that bullets in the Outline page which are not links (i.e. pages in the wiki) are used for the Labels in the navigation bar of the course site.


  • Wiki pages provide the content for the course website
  • Bullets in the outline (which are not wiki pages) provide the text for the navigation on the course site.

Hope this clarifies your question.

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Sorry too many questions Dr Wayne @mackiwg . I am still struggling when trying to do editing on wiki Outline page. Everytime I do my editing on one of the pages here -

and saved my work, I have trouble finding my Outline page again. How to go about browing my pages on wiki?

Greetings Dr Wayne @mackiwg Stll struggle with the following - moving from this page to this page. From my Outline page to my User page. I tend to lost my Outline page every time I edit one of the pages within my Outline page


Don’t worry about asking questions - we are here to help you succeed!

Navigating a wiki can be confusing at first but there are a couple of tools to help you find your Outline page after editing sub-pages.

Tips for finding your Outline page

There are three options to find your Outline page.

  • Your outline page is linked from your user page - go to the bottom of your user page to find the link to your outline page (see screenshot below).

Screenshot 2022-08-10 at 11-24-20 User Bkabuatiwiki - WikiEducator

  • Create a bookmark in your Browser which links to your Outline page.
  • When on your User page - Click on the “Subpages” option under the Tools menu on the left. This will list all the sub-pages that are linked from your userpage. You will see your Outline page listed there.