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Greetings, Dr Wayne. I really want to share for collaborative work on this ‘learning pathway’. If this ‘learning pathway’ something like the program of work or syllabus? How to get one or others to partner with??

We designed the EDT4OL course so that individuals or teams could work together. This wiki environment is ideal for collaborative work.

If there are groups planning to work together - each individual will work on an individual learning pathway which is part of a bigger course site.

However, if there are no other Accounting teachers participating in the current cohort - you can work individually. Perhaps there is another Accounting colleague in Kiribati you could encourage to join this cohort. Alternatively, we can see if any other accounting people in this group would be interested in collaborating with you.

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Greetings Dr. Wayne!
I am looking into re configuring our current existing printed material on Basic Computer Guide for our Grade 9 students into an online interactive learning material. It is a support material students must engage with first before they can start with the actual units in their Grade 9 Design and Technology-Computing course. This is an optional subject based from our curriculum.
It mainly focuses on basic computer guide and basic keyboarding.
I would be very interested to note if anyone from the team can assist me and whom I can work with. Thank you so much.

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[quote=“mackiwg, post:4, topic:3318”]
another Accounting colleague in Kiribati you could encourage to join this cohort. Alternatively, we can see if any other accounting people in this group would be interested in collaborating with you.
[/quote] @mackiwg Thank you, I would prefer anyone from the team? Otherwise, stay single? Thank you so kindly.

I think that’s an excellent suggestion for a design project for this course. Its appropriate to have an online version of this guide for teaching basic computing skills.

Hopefully members of the FODE team can join you in sharing the load.

In any event, making a start with the structure of the online version of this guide will enable participants in future cohorts to work on this project.

Thank you so much for the response. The other members from FODE are of varying subject specialists: English for Mrs. Geraldine and Ms. Dorothy (maybe they can work together on a project) and Ms. Leah for Mathematics.
I note on the possibility that from making this start, future cohorts can assist to enrich the project.

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Thanks @janetsubaganmondez understood.

Fortunately the EDT4OL course is designed to accommodate individual work - and you could lay solid foundations to get started and we can then work on recruiting other members to progress the work for future cohorts of EDT4OL.

OER is well suited to continuous improvement as time and resources become available.


Dear Janet @janetsubaganmondez I would love to collaborate with you in developing "Basic Computer Guide for our Grade 9 students ".

Dr. Wayne @mackiwg please advise on how we can work together!


Hi @sushumna

That’s a wonderful offer to collaborate on the PNG “Basic Computer Guide”

I recommend that you communicate directly with @janetsubaganmondez via this platform.

All that is required for the EDT4OL course is that you submit the learning contract for teams as described on the course site.

It would really be super COOL if this collaboration could take place. Waiting in anticipation :innocent:


Thank you Dr. Wayne @mackiwg.
Dear Janet @janetsubaganmondez, how do we go about it?


Is there other Kiribati participants, of accounting background, joining this course? appreciate collaborating with them. Getting one accounting teacher outside this course, may take longer before forming the teamwork?

Good afternoon from PNG! Thank you and it is great to have a collab partner on this. I have sent you an email already with details we need to do to jumpstart our collab.


Great! I Replied too! Looking forward to an amazing Collab time :slightly_smiling_face:

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Greetings from Abemama in Kiribati, I really want to be a part of a collaborative team, can I join too? Hear from you two. Have a blessed day!

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