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If you need help with setting up your WordPress Course site or Blog site, please post your questions here by clicking on the reply button below.

Please consult the instructions and guidelines on the course website - your query may already have been answered :grinning:

I created my wordpress.com site, months back. I am still running here and there trying to set up my site theme and design, for months now! My problem is all the plugins! I am not sure which plugins to use also, designing my website is still my struggle! I am praying this will not track me down to complete #EDT4OL. Any tips? much appreciated.

Good questions @bkabuatioer

Using wordpress.com (the free service provided by WordPress) does not come with the capability to install the plugins you will need for EDT4OL. So for example, you will not be able to install the H5P plugin to develop interactive content objects unless you take out a paid subscription.

The OER Foundation is providing a free blog site for EDT4OL students so that you can have access to the plugins you will need without the need to pay for a subscription. We have preinstalled the required plugins. So for the EDT4OL course - I recommend that you build your blog portolio at:


(Where username will be replaced with the username you set-up when creating your blog site).

I see you have followed the instructions on this EDT4OL course page to request a blog site.

I have just sent an invitation via email for you to create a blog on the https://edt4ol.oerfoundation.org website. Check your spam folder if this email hasn’t arrived.

You should be good to go now with your EDT4OL course blog - I look forward to reading your posts.

Good luck!

Thank you, Dr Wayne, for the piece of information. I have been wishing to be good at WordPress. Will be off now to check my email. Have a blessed day. :smiley:

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This EDT4OL course is a perfect opportunity to achieve your goals. With a little practice, you will master these skills.

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Maybe the message still coming? I have checked my email, including the spam folder, maybe still coming? I will keep looking. At this time, we have too many students and teachers on campus, and our internet so far is so slow!

Why is a half-moon somehow connected to me?? Surely another form of ICT communication?? How can I interpret it?

The half-moon indicates that you have set a “do not disturb” setting via your personal preferences on the forum site.

For more information: see here

Bob - I have resent the invite to create a blog on edt4ol.oerfoundation.org.

If it doesn’t arrive let me know and I’ll figure out an alternate approach to get this sorted - it may be a local email / internet connection issue.

Oh I see, thank you for letting me know, this! Please pardon my ignorant, I did not mean to put such a sign "do not disturb’ OERu has converted me to be an ‘Open and Free’ person, ‘do not disturb’ has been deleted from my dictionary!. Must check Do not disturb mode - announcements - Discourse Meta. I need to put down the sign!

I have submitted my contact details so that I can create an account in WordPress Multisite, however, I have not received an invitation in my email. Please help.

Greetings @arpanadeb

Thanks for your query. I have sent the invitation to create an account on WordPress.

Check your spam folder if you don’t see this email invitation in your inbox.

If that doesn’t work - please let me know and we’ll figure out an alternative solution.

Greetings Dr Wayne @mackiwg I am still struggling with changing themes. I am particularly trying to change to gutentberg. Has taken me three days! Decided to search, got it, then asked to use it on Wordpress. When I click to use on wordpress, it uses my older wordpress site bkabuati. My EDT4OL blog site is bob kabuati. I tried search gutenberng here but cant find it. To use my bkabuati site I will need to install gunteberg (dont know how). To use my EDT4OL blog site bob kabuati I may not meet the minimum requirements to join EDT4OL. I will keep working on it, appreciate your help.

To clarify - Gutenberg is not a theme. It is the new WordPress block editor used for editing sites.

We have only installed a small number of popular themes. From your dashboard, go to Appearance → Themes to get to the theme selection page:

To change a theme, hover your mouse of the respective theme, Eg ‘Twenty Eleven’ or ‘Minimal blog’ then click on the “Activate button” to change the theme. Don’t select the OERu theme for your blog - that is a special theme for publishing your course site.

This means your Browser is defaulting to the URL for your older blog site on WordPress.com.

Make sure that you go to the correct URL for your EDT4OL blog site. To login - append “wp-admin” at the end of the base URL for your blog site. Your EDT4OL URL will be:


Remember to use your username and password for the EDT4OL blog site. Your wordpress.com login credentials would not necessarily work on this site because it is a different website.


Don’t give up - you will master these skills to achieve the minimum requirements. Simplify the process. Don’t worry about changing your theme. Just start authoring your first blog post - one step at a time.

From your Dashboard on the EDT4OL blog site - select the menu option “Posts → Add New”. Author some text then save your post. You can go back to edit and refine.

Try and attend the Support webinar on Monday 20 June - I wills end the link later this week.

Keep trying - your patience and tenacity will be rewarded in the end!

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Thank you Dr Wayne. Your support, council, tips and ideas together with you encouragement are the source of our ‘keeping on’

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Can I edit this page?

I want to change ‘Nothing here’ to something suitable? Thank you for you patience


Yes you can. The default for a blog site is to list the most recent blog posts in reverse date order on the home page. A blog site is different from a fixed page website. The home page of a blog site will list all your blog posts for the course.

Go to your dashboard, click on Posts → New.

BTW - Your about page (which is a static web page rather than a blog ‘post’) is looking great

I’ve taken the liberty of creating your first blog post so you can see how this works. If you visit your home page now - you will see this blog post.

You are making steady progress - keep up the good work!

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How can I edit the author of the post. You still an author to this post.

I want to be where you are while editing. How do get there? appreciate support


You should be able to change the Author of a post when editing the post because you have administration rights for your blog site. My name was listed as the original author when I created an empty post for you to get started.

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