Environmental challenges faced in fiji

1.Climate change - rising sea level and increased frequency of extreme weather events are a significant concern. The low lying areas and small islands are particularly vulnerable.
Deforestation - logging and land development are leading to deforestation,which impact the environment and contributes to soil erosion .
2.These challengers are covered in my curriculum when the learn how to use modern way to control the carbon monoxide the the environment which will control on factor that affect climate change

Due to climate change Fiji like many other pacific island nations grapples with a wide range of environmental challenges. Rising sea levels, extreme weather events, coral reef degradation and deforestation are among the key issues. These challenges pose significant threat to the country’s biodiversity, infrastructure, and the livelihoods of its people.

Environmental challenges faced in Fiji are climate change - which affects farmers for the growing of their vegetables., sea level rise, deforestation - leads to soil erosion