How can schools and institutions empower and motivate their teachers to be efficient digital teachers.?

Students and teachers alike are both intentionally and unintentionally being pushed to better their skills when using the “online learning platform”.

And it has been seen that when a teacher is efficient in teaching digitally, students are more likely to learn better. It can be a struggle sometimes for teachers to keep up with the status quo in terms of new age learning platforms and so some may tend to be less motivated in moving towards such. A teacher is more confident about teaching content that He or She is familiar with, because they know that their students success rate will be applaudable . That being said, it is true that students and teachers play a part in the success of the student.
In this scenario we want to see how schools can play a part in the success of school teachers being empowered in their digital teaching platforms.

Discuss how schools and institutions empower and motivate their teachers to be efficient digital teachers.?

It runs both ways that if teachers are more interested excited and equipped with the proper strategy for online learning then all student will be able to move on boat without any hesitation. It will be a very difficult task at first as most student are more use to the traditional method of education expecting teacher to be there physically. But slowly engaging the student more and more into the online classroom they will eventually browse in.

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Schools and institutions can only empower and motivate their teachers by encouraging continual teacher development in digital update platforms of learning and providing necessary hardware, software, reliable electricity and internet connectivity. These are the major obstacles teachers faced when doing remote teaching.

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@S11097739 it definitely works both ways. Students and teachers must both be motivated into using the online learning platform. What would be a good way to engage our students in such platforms?

@williemaetee very true, inline to that I believe digital workshops and trainings would better equip the teachers.

The schools and Institutions need to well equipped teachers sufficiently on proper schedule, programs, guidelines, technology and other learning and teaching devices .This would be an advantage to both parties in teaching and learning a successful and positive results.