How do you deliver effective teaching while in the class?

I was reading this article about powerful body language the other day and I believe it has various methods to deliver effective teaching by improving body language. Do you guys have any other suggestions?


In the classroom to make sure that effective teaching is delivered an atmosphere of respect and humility should be reassured to learners so that trust is build through everyone in involved in the learning and teaching environment.

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In my class i should keep the learning environment for my students and also have to conscious about learning goal and should engaged my students in learning process.

From my experience, ‘Personifying the Extended Self’ (one of the 7 techniques recommended in the linked blog) has a significant impact on how students in class behave. I believe that roaming around the room, interacting, sitting down among them to review work, and making eye contact reduces the psychological distance in proxemics between the instructor and student. Students are also allowed to notice up close how authentic that person ‘of authority’ is in body language. Making jokes and laughing along with them helps too – being our natural self, and a friend to them. It does change the ambience, encourage confidence, and let the students feel the presence of the teacher and inspire them to be more attentive and open to sharing.