How Teachers should join the OER Movement?

The digital age and modern challenges demand from teachers that they should come up with Collaborative and Comprehensive contributions to OERs.
What are your suggestions to the Teachers around the world, to Actually join the OER Movement?
Suggest a few points!

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Teachers around the world should form the nucleus of the OER movemement as they are positioned at the epicenter of academics for research and publication.

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@teacherparv I think teachers can join the OER movement by introducing digital tools to their students. For example, instead of requesting a parer as an assignment, have students create a PowerPoint or an ebook.


Teachers should empower themselves with digital literacy and technology updates so that they can contribute even more effectively to the learning community…

@teacherparv Yes! You are very wise. Teacher is under a very heavy workload and need the help with giving options that are prefabricated providing wining time and efforts that at the same time is spreading the knowledge of OER.
One example could be that every nation to follow the Unesco initiative should create national consortium that is proving hub of resources including compiled metadata for LMS in Schools.

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One of the biggest ways to expand OER as a teacher is not only to adopt others OER content, but to contribute your own content to OER.

My suggestion for how teachers around the world can actually join the OER Movement is to begin using OER content with their students. If necessary, teachers should modify the content to fit the needs of their students or add to the OER content with original lessons that they create to fit the needs of their students. After using the content with their students, teachers should then tell other teachers about how the teaching and learning went using OER content. There are multiple locations where OER content can be found. If teachers are teaching at the K-12 level one place that content can be found is the Minnesota Partnership for Collaborative Curriculum . A good location for higher ed content is Libretexts

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yes, i agree with you.we must have vast of OER in various language. In English we find most of OER, but not any others Languages.