IENT101 Who is your favourite entrepreneur?

  1. Think about a successful entrepreneur (living or dead).
  • What were their beginnings?
  • What did they achieve?
  • What entrepreneurial traits do/did they have?
  1. Your post should be no more than 200 words.
  2. Put the name of your entrepreneur at the top of your post.
  3. Make sure you reference any resources used (any citation format is acceptable).

Sbusiso Leope

Sbusiso Leope, popularly known as DJ SBU is not your average entrepreneur. His larger than life media personality and passion for life puts him a cut above the rest. Also a philanthropist who thrives on giving back to the youth in various Township communities. He is part owner of Mofaya energy drink. He is Selfless, ambitious and a visionary. Mofaya is co-founded by 8 members. It is a business that shares similar challenges to any other small business. He run Sibusiso Leope Education Foundation.

He had challenges he faced as business man when he start Mofaya energy drink. The entrepreneur admitted that their distribution process was struggling to keep up with the huge demand for Mofaya. And it was discovered in 2015 that his product was not approved by South African bureau of standard.



Bonang Matheba better known as Queen-B is a businesswoman,radio and television personality. She grew up in the North West Province in Mahikeng and shares about her story of success,hard work and perseverance in her book, *From A to B: Invest In Your Sparkle.*She is a brand on her own and is well known for being the host of popular TV shows such as Live,Top Billing just to name a few,as well as having a radio show on MetroFM. She also became a brand ambassador for Revlon,Courvoisier VS Cognac and Woolworth.

She holds a BA in Marketing Communications but got her big break right after finishing her studies at the University of Johannesburg as a host for Live on SABC 1. She now owns her own vineyard and produces champagne in the House of BNG in sponsorship with Woolworth. She values time and manages it efficiently and effectively,she is passionate about her work,driven by her goals,she is patient and is an opportunist by nature. #bman111
Matheba.B.2017.From A to B: Invest In Your Sparkle. 2nd ed.Blackbird Books.

John Paul Dejoria

John Paul Dejoria, is best known as the co-founder of Paul Mitchell hair-care system. He started out as a door to door shampoo and encyclopedia salesman, and at one point was homeless and live in his car. Then in 1980 he launched Paul Mitchell hair-care with just $700 and have turned it in to one of the most profitable hair-care companies in the world, and now is a $1 billion company. Now a philanthropist and signed the “The Giving Pledge” giving half of his earnings to better the world.

He started from the bottom up and had passion and drive and was not scared to take a risk to achieve his goal. He never forgot his roots and continues to help others. "By helping others, you are creating future customers and inspiring employee loyalty.

John Paul Dejoria Entrepreneur (

Warren Buffett was born in 1930 and started business at the age of six, invested in shares at eleven, create the Buffett Associates Ltd at twenty-six, bought all the shares of the company at thirty-seven and became the chairman of the company now Berkshire Hathaway at forty.
Today, he is the forth richest man in the world with a net worth of about seventy-one million dollars.
Warren has the qualities of successful entrepreneur. He is always enterprising and prepare to take moderate risk. He possesses leadership and organizational skill with good competence in human relationship, market knowledge and technical know-how.

Steve Jobs

Strength-He had uniqueness in his unbelievable imagination this contributed most in the success of the company Apple Inc. being able to produce product and services that changes the way people communicate. Innovative and he is an interactive designer. Passionate and fearless in going after what he wants

Weaknesses-he was cited to be a bully and took credit for ideas that were not his. He also wasn’t a good team player. His legendary impatience, relentless quest for perfection, domineering presence and obsessive