Importance of Parental Supervision when children use an online platform

I believe that as we are moving forward to the digital age parental supervision is very important so that children are protected with their rights especially from cyber bullying.

Yes it is very important because anyone can have acess to their device not revealing their true identity which is a dangerous things especially from paedophiles

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Totally agree here but it is also important to allow children to know that you can trust them. Before giving them access to the internet, have a one on one conversation with the child. Explain to them the terms given and the trust of being responsible. Explain the consequences of breaking the rule. So yes allow it but with care and responsibility.

@sekopesokoyawa While children are using an online platform,they interact with others and possibilities are that they can be influenced or bullied.Therefore I believe that it is vital to monitor children while assuring that you trust them.

Parental controls are designed to help protect children from inappropriate content online, such as pornography or other adult content. These controls can be used in a number of ways, e.g. to help ensure that your children access only age-appropriate content; to set usage times; and to monitor activity.


Parents supervision is vital as we are moulding a child. Children are not aware of the consequences of their act. Parents play a important role while supervising the young children.

Very true, we have to be vigilant. Also, we need to monitor the type of online games they play. We may not have control over whom they play against especially live games but we need to know the exact type of online games they subscribe to.