IPM101 Stakeholder dynamics

This discussion is for the sub-section on Stakeholder dynamics.

  • Share an example from your own experience of stakeholder relationships in projects.
  • Provide advice on how to manage the relationship.
  • ‘’‘Do not’’’ share personal information or names of companies, people etc. to ensure anonymity.

On projects I build close relationship with all that are involved and that works very well for all. However, about two months ago, I am on a project in which I lack the experience to carry out a particular task. On pervious project if I had faced that problem because of developing proper relationship I would have gotten the support but the gentleman in question refused to assist me.

I realize that he was a prideful person so I told him forget it and I ask another colleague of his who I thought was a team play we both worked on the problem and resolved it. Sometime the difficult person/s you just need to go around, when you cannot go around them you love them, than work as well, humility also.


Thanks for sharing. Your reflection is a good example of how complex stakeholder dynamics can be. Approaches which work with some individuals are not always successful when dealing with others. I guess this is the value of authentic experience in stakeholder dynamics.