Is teaching a vocation or profession ex[plain why

Teaching is a profession but more of vocation . Teachers’role is to educate and enable the world to become knowledgea­ble and independen­t one. It requires knowledge, skills and experience to become worthy in the profession.

i have chosen this profession as an educator because I have a passion for teaching and a love of being in the classroom.

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Teaching can be classified as a profession or vocation for me because, I was so dedicated and motivated in my teaching career throughout my 33 years as a teacher. In addition, I had a strong feeling to this profession. Although I am no longer teaching, I am working as a Staff Development Manager responsible for our teacher trainee’s pathway.

Teaching is a profession as it requires in-depth knowledge of subject matters and proper training of different pedagogy .However, the success in teaching also involves the motivation for learning and active participation of learners from different background in culture,history,age,etc.; hence there is a requirement of ever-learning or knowledge-seeking attiitude in a teacher. Therefore,through my personal experience of 15 years of teaching to prechoolers,primary-schoolers to high-school students,i have realized and believe that for the most resourceful and successful teachers,teaching is a vocation, as it requires passion in you for being ready to never-ending learnings.