Its about the importance of ID in forum 1

Why is ID design important?**

It is important because whatever the purpose of an informational artifact, knowledgeable designers who carefully follow good information design principles will increase the clarity of the message and decrease opportunities for user error , whether the design project seems important, like a user manual for a medical device, or less serious, like the directions for seeding tomatoes on the back of a packet of seeds.

How often, do you as a teacher, reflect on ID, and learning theories when planning and delivering your courses?**

To promote reflection, there are many options available that provide students with choices in how to share what they have learned and to engage in reflective practice.

  1. Blogging.** For students who enjoy writing or jotting down ideas, blogging or journaling can be a great choice. Whether students contribute to a class blog or share it only with their teacher, it enables students to practice their writing skills, reflect on their learning, and potentially receive feedback from their peers.

  2. Digital storytelling.** Digital storytelling is a popular and engaging option for students who are looking to showcase their knowledge through multimedia. With digital storytelling, students are empowered with choices in how to create a visual representation of their learning in a fun, engaging, and meaningful way. Depending on the tool used, students can include images, video, and audio to share thoughts and reflections of learning.

  3. Making mind maps.** Creating graphic organizers or mind maps can be another way to boost visualization of learning and for students to present their thought processes, ideas, and connections between different concepts they have learned.

  4. Podcasting.** For students who prefer speaking rather than writing to communicate their thoughts and ideas, podcasts are a great option.

  5. Building digital portfolios.** Digital portfolios are a great way to have students track their progress. Through a portfolio, they can build a narrative of their work and have a space to reflect on their progress and set goals.