LiDA 101: Digital literacies for online learning

My name is Esther Thontteh and one of the participants of the LiDA 101 training. Please, am having difficulty in understanding how the programme runs. I earlier thought it was going to be like a zoom set up with an instructor but am wrong. please i need more guidance as to the right approach. I have already done the first step by registering. Please what do i do next? What about the timie zone too?. Please I need help on LIDA 101 COURSE

HI Esther! I completed LiDA 101 last fall. It is pretty much all asynchronous meaning that you move through the different modules and complete the challenges at your own pace. This was great for me because I was also working full time and parenting! When I wanted to connect with other learners I used Mastodon! The only thing I found challenging was keeping track of where I was in the material. I hope that helps!

Ooh yeah! the information does help a great deal. Am just in the process of creating my own blog now using the Thank you @AlenaBuis #Llida 101

@queenesty …I’m also going around in circles. :smiley:. There is so much to learn in a short period. A lot of reading is needed in order to understand. I still don’t know how to get the badges.

@ discobot How do I access my assessment from moodle?

How do I access my assessment from moodle?