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  1. A digital culture that I acquired and used regularly in the montage of advertising posters for various events. It’s about literacy, not digital literacy because I use images taken by me. @mackiwg
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@cleclearner Thanks for sharing.

In a digital world there are a couple of interesting legal challenges. While the copyright of a photograph normally belongs to the photographer, it is still a breach of copyright to take photos of all rights reserved posters.

You may be interested in joining the Open education, copyright and open licensing (LIDA103) micro-course which forms part of Learning in a Digital Age.


Problems trying to register on OERu Bookmarks.
What is the response to the anti-spam question “What is the code we seek?”
I am human, but obviously not as smart as it thinks I am…

Hi Don

Search for “code” in the email instructions for session 1 here:

Hi there :slight_smile: I would like to add a profile pic to my Forum account but it says the file is too big. The suggestion then is to save it to Google Drive or similar which I did but can’t see where to paste the link. Can anyone help please? Thanks!

Hi @Sophie_F

Thanks for your question. The maximum file size for uploads on the forum site is 10MB - which is more than adequate for a profile picture. (We need to place restrictions on file size to manage the costs of data).

The suggestion for for Google Drive (or other file hosting services) is intended for large documents rather than bio image files which could be linked from forum posts.

That said, learning how to resize your original photo is a valuable digital skill to learn.

Conduct a search for “how to reduce the file size of a photo” - I’m not sure what software you have access to.

The option I recommend is to download and install the GIMP - this is an outstanding open source graphics package.

Here are a handy set of instructions on how to do this using GIMP.

I appreciate that this will be extra effort to upload a bio image - but you will gain valuable skills without compromising your personal data. Give it a try - its not too difficult. You can also ask friends and colleagues you know to help with resizing an image to reduce the file size.

Good luck and let us know how you go.

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Thanks for the tips. I was going to resize in Paint (I can’t always install things at work without hassle) but noticed an option to resize when I right clicked on the image saved to my computer. There was an option indicating “best for thumbnails.” Simple!

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Great @Sophie_F

I’m pleased you got it sorted and thanks for sharing your easy fix with the rest of the group. Way easier than installing software!

Your bio picture is now showing in the course feed for your forums post! (I won’t update earlier mentions before you uploaded your thumbnail.

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@mackiwg Here’s a handy way for Mac users to resize pics:

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@Mien Thanks for sharing!

And for GNU/Linux users - tips for resizing pics using a right-click.

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Hi, I am trying to create a blog, but now the challenge is to finish off, but I am required to furnish the site title and site tagline, I am lost! What are these?

what is -site title and site tagline? I am creating a blog

Hi @rebeccababedi

What blogging software are you using? Did you conduct a search for information on the site title and tagline for your blog platform? Did you experiment with using different site titles and taglines to see the effect on your published blog site?

Assuming you are using WordPress, perhaps this information is of use.

Good luck - and experiment a little!

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How do I post ? I can reply but not create a new post.

Hi @ereynor

You can create new topics from the topic view which lists all the topics for LiDA101 - Click on the “lida101” tag above, or use the search feature typing in the course code.

Just click “+ New topic” to start a new topic.

Many thanks @mackiwg. Got it eventually.

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Hi , I want to remove the many alternative usernames I used as I tried to log in, I realise I have written potentially sensitive information. Now I want to remove it, so that I am left with only one username.

LiDA I have completed my research question. I’m glad that I have learned so much. I didn’t realised that there are so various ways to search for information. Thanks for this course.