LIDA101 How con i navigate further from the course-feed

Hi there,
to start with the great aspect: i very much appreciate the course-feed, because i can get a feeling about what is going on in the course-interaction at just one place.
But sometimes this messages are shortened, sometimes i would like to react to them in some way. So i am wondering if there is any way to go to the “original” post/message, when i see something interesting in the feed. I could then answer there, read the message in full etc. And if not, are there any plans? I would guess its not that much / complicated to have this features.

Looking forward for answers, best regards


Hi @Timo, you can always see the original post by clicking on the link that tells you how long ago it was, giving you the ability to react in the original context of the post.



Also - if you need more information about the course feed, there is a summary on the support site.

Yes, your approach is correct - we encourage learners to response and contribute via the different sources on forums,, bookmarks, Mastodon and blog comments. The source of each post is shown in the footnote of each mention.

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