LiDA102 Data's carbon footprint

  1. What is one practical change you personally could make in your digital habits which would reduce your carbon emissions?
  • What impacts might this change have on you, e.g. in terms of connectedness, time, money or convenience?
  • What is your rough estimate of how many grams or kilograms of CO2 this change would save a year?
  1. How should the responsibility for reducing carbon emissions from data be shared between individuals and data corporations? my opinion in order for me to reduce carbon emissions I will not log into face book every day I will log into face book once a week just to reduce carbon emissions.

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I reckon I should stop falling asleep to youtube videos and also turn off the autoplay. This will probably impact my sleeping and reading as I will get into bed and read before falling asleep, which I have been meaning to do anyway. This will probably save me in electricity in that I will be switching off the TV but also the other lights when I get into bed, overall this small habit change could make a big difference to both my carbon footprint but also my quality of sleep and therefore my health. #LiDA102

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I believe corporations should be mandated to be as green as possible in day-to-day operations and incentivised to create technology and software that is as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible. People need to be incentivised by habits and behaviours which are friendly to the environment. Although education is needed and people need to be conscious of these causes and effects I don’t think people’s behaviour will change unless they are incentivised to act responsibly either through the proverbial ‘carrot’ of reward or ‘stick’ of punishment. #LiDA102

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#LiDA102-Changing my digital habits:

  1. Unsubscribing from automatically generated newsletters which I don’t even read would be a start, followed by reducing the number of photos I upload and store on the cloud, particularly if it’s a variation of the same photo. I will send links rather than attachments and reduce the number of notes and thank you emails, which by the way are very annoying. I will reduce the time spent on watching Netflix and Youtube videos and go to bed to sleep instead of falling asleep watching them chance reduce the time and money spent on this.
  2. Reduction of Carbon Emissions between individuals and companies: I will advocate for environmentally friendly devices and pass laws to ensure that there is a law that everyone should adhere to. Also, environmental campaigns in terms of free workshops and discussion forums are important.

Hi, do you only use Facebook as a social media platform since you indicated that you will reduce the number of times you log in to Facebook? What about all the other social media accounts?

If you really spend too much time on it, then I agree that it is perhaps possible to reduce the time on Facebook. I hope to follow the same example.

I agree with you that awareness and education are important. If you don’t know the dangers, you will not change your behaviour.

Good point. :wave: