LIDA102 General forum for digital citizenship

Please post any general questions and contributions for the Digital citizenship (LiDA102) micro-course by clicking on the reply button below.

Greeting! Is there specific spot poll for LIDA 102?


Apology for the delayed response - I missed this question. No - we are using a general spot poll for all of the LiDA courses.

What is the role of science educators in digital citizenship education?

Good morrow fellow citizens of the cyber realm!
Today I embark on my journey through the wonderous landscape that is LiDA102. Hence I am conducting the obligatory introductory remarks and testing my accounts prior to commencing. viva #LiDA102

I’m happy to proceed to #LIDA102; I’m just clicking on all accounts to establish if they are still active as a way of introducing myself.

It’s good to see familiar names.