LiDA103 - FAQ and Tips on Completing Assignments

Learners can contribute advice and questions on completing action outputs.

How do you make the Creative Commons button appear on Wordpress blog?
For the visual CC button to appear on blog post, locate on top right of post you are editing, click on ‘more tools or options’ to find code editor. Copy the code from the ‘Creative Commons Choose a License’ page after you have chosen your license type, and insert the code in the appropriate part of the Wordpress blog draft (currently in code editor mode). Exit code editor, and the button will appear when you view the site post.

For some tasks, we are requested to comment on blogs by other learners. How can we go about searching for the blog entries?

Do keyword search while you are on the Course Feed page:

  • Instead of scrolling through the WeNotes on the Course Feed, click on the button MORE LIDA103 NOTES at the bottom of page.
  • Continue to open as many pages as you like, depending on how many days you want to cover.
  • Then, do a search (Command+F for Mac users) using the keyword “blog”, and you will be able to find results
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