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Hi Dr Wayne, just to confirm with you on key activities no 7 (Orientation) - “to assign your blog url”, I got the following message:
LiDA103 (lida103) - blog feed already set to

Is it considered done? I couldn’t find “Assign” and “Replace” button to associate blog feed url with the courses as mentioned.


You need to be logged into the Course site to see those… You may first need to create a user for that.

Hi @fazilahcf

Looks like you’re almost done. Log into the course site with your user account then go to the blog feed finder to assign your blog.

Well done - your blog is looking great!

I did log into the Course site. username already created couple of weeks ago.

Thanks for confiming @fazilahcf - We’ll investigate on our end and let you know.

Hi Dr Wayne, to confirm with you on the answer for question 3 under ‘Working Globally’ section.

Q3: If the copyright of a work expires in South Africa, can it be used without restriction in a country which adopts a longer term of copyright protection?

Could you please elaborate why the answer is YES? To my understanding, the answer is supposed to be NO.

Hi @fazilahcf

Good question! The copyright of a work is determined by the national copyright legislation of the copyright holder. Therefore, if the copyright has expired in South Africa it is in the public domain irrespective of irrespective of the jurisdiction where it is used.

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Looks like your blog is registered for monitoring by our WEnotes system @fazilahcf - but it’s not being listed as such on your profile page… that appears to be a bug in our code. I’m just investigating it now.

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Noted and thank you for the updates.

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Hi Dr Wayne! This is Hanani from AeU. This is my 1st tried on OERu forums. Hopefully I’ll manage my way through the crtification. Looking at each requirements one step at a time. WIll post questions when I stumbled on something soon.


Greetings @hanani

Welcome to our forums web-site! Totally agree, by taking small steps, over time we can cover a great distance.

Enjoy your learning journey with us!

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Hi Dr Wayne,

Related to Copyright Case Study, need your help to confirm or advise on Task 11. Outputs - Copyright MCQ Challenge:-

  1. Prepare and publish a blog post containing two multiple choice questions based on a copyright situation.
    Questions: MCQ to be posted in the same blog that I created earlier "Declare yourself challenge for LiDA103 right? To create MCQ in a blog, do we need to install any plug-in? I couldn’t find any functions to create MCQ in Wordpress

  2. Visit and read the blog posts from fellow students for this Activity and provide feedback by commenting two student posts.
    Question: Where to find blog post from other students? I couldn’t find any

Dear @fazilahcf

Apology for my late response - I missed your post on the forum.

Yes - you should use the same blog for all OERu micro-course related activities. You just create a new blog post with a different title. Remember to label / tag your post with the course code: “LiDA103” so the harvester can include a link to your blog post in the course feed.

The best way to find blog posts from other learners in the cohort is to scan the course feed. Under each mention in the course feed you will see a footnote which indicates the source of the post. You should scan for mentions in the course feed which indicates the source as “blog”.

However, there is only one other learners from AeU who has registered their blog on the site. So in this case only reply to that blog post.

Thank you Dr Wayne for the clarifications.

However, you may have overlooked on my question related to MCQ creation. Seems like my ‘free wordpress’ doesn’t allow me to create MCQ since I can’t install any plug-in unless upgrade the package.


I misunderstood your question - You are not required to implement a “operational” MCQ that learners respond to, so no need to install any plugins.

Just type the question out with four discractors as it would appear in a print-based alternative, then below the question you can provide text-based feedback for correct and incorrect options in the same blog post.

When we get started on the next course, Digital Skills for Collaborative OER Development, we will show you how to create MCQs with interactive feedback.

Noted with thanks Dr Wayne.

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mackiwg@ Just starting on LIDA103
Can I use the same Mastodon id that I used in LIDA101?

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Sorry - A bit late in replying to this question due to my travels, but I see you figured out the answer: Yes you should use the same Mastodon id you used previously.

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HI, I am prasad weerasinghe, actually i am newcomer this forum. i hope help me all,
Thank you