LIDA103 key activity 4 OER Enabled Pedagogy In Solving real-world problems

Corresponding to the Sustainable development Goals, this constitutes the personal learning experience and challenges in the working field after the completion of studies and engaging with the world’s challenges out there. As a wise, healthy, well-educated person in helping and providing charity services to the people and the needy out there. Consequently, this will encourage you as a great helper indeed for your surrounding habitants.

Solving real world problems like climate change can be discussed in the OER plate form so that it can be reliable and accurate. The information is reliable when the issue is discussed thoroughly in the forum. Therefore the OER plate form is the no-cost access and free so that any body can disuses the issue. Then the world issue on climate change can be solved, no more problems.

As mentioned in Goal 4, ensuring quality education is inclusive and fair and promoting deep-seated learning is an open door of value to all. There is growing global recognition of Education for Sustainable Development as a fundamental part of values ​​education and as an important force in sustaining the transformation of events. One of the learning project ideas that can be incorporated into the OERu course to build a viable and quality school here is to etymologically exchange English with other languages ​​so that two students can do it. Is to do. A wealth of individual innovation and thinking from one side of the planet to the other is a fundamental element in the transformation of useful events, so it is important to acquire voice skills and deepen mutual social understanding. I can do it. True critical thinking is more than just showing a model in the lab. It involves moving away from reading the course in order to connect the idea to this current reality. Educators apply current STEM information directly to undergraduate students by investigating and managing current tests or needs. For example, planning a nursery in a school yard, working with the industry, or planning a solution to a problem in a nearby room can be very effective.

One of the sustainable development goal is “no Poverty”. This can be achieved by encouraging enterprising, free education, creating employment and focusing on Agriculture sector. Focus should be on rural development specially agriculture sector where educated and uneducated individuals can be employed. Land should be provided to poor group of people .

One of the sustainable goal is to offer " free education" so that it gathers for the needs of all the citizens who have the ability to learning but it is the financial barrier that doesn’t allow them to purse higher.Henceforth,this will allow the unfortunate to make their dreams happening even after if they left school for so may years. And it is say, that a strong nation is build and empower by greater education system.

Free education is an empowering tool might help people to change the conditions of their lives by taking action while having knowledge and skills of a trade that will make them competitive in the particular productive field. Empowering dominant culture in taking action to do something about poverty as their own concern, as well

Empowering people is critical for achieving poverty eradication. They need to be made aware of their rights and entitlements. equipped with skills to make informed choice and negotiate for their rights and have access to resources for their development.

This course is a free online course which means, no tuition fees is expected to pay out.

It is good to practice this kind of services which means a lot to those who are struggling with money provides