LIDA103 Spot poll - Learner experience with OER

Before participating in an OERu course, to what extent have you used OER to support your formal learning at an academic institution?

  • Always
  • Frequently
  • Sometimes
  • Rarely
  • Never
  • Not sure / Not applicable

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If previously enrolled at a tertiary education institution, have you completed a course without buying the prescribed textbook due to the cost?

  • Yes (didn’t buy the prescribed work because it was too expensive)
  • No (prescribed texts have been affordable)
  • Not applicable

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Had purchased used books where possible. Newer books were bought through the loan scheme under which I studied but it was very expensive at the time.

The second question above doesn’t account for online tertiary degree programs. Much of the coursework is done in front of a computer and not in a classroom; this includes the reading and viewing of digital, not paper-based textbooks (and other materials). Most online learners would probably object to having to pay a fee for each digital textbook, so online universities often obtain the money they need for digital distribution and upkeep in other ways, such as by charging a special fee.

OERs didn’t exist when I was a studnet - as a professor I have used OERs for the past 15 years and teach masters/doctoral courses now designed completed with OERs - I will say occasionally there is a reaonably priced text I would encourate students to purchase, but I don’t require students do this.

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As i’m working in the Open University, they uses OER and they have textbooks in online to download which is free. When i was a student of tertiary level then in my country technology enable learning was not developed. So, i had to buy books.

In a recent directed studies Masters course I taught on Crisis Communication, I used only OER, and as an early assignment had students find Open primary and secondary knowledge objects to share and build as a repository. I had Not used OERu Bookmarks (because I didn’t know about it) but will in the future.

I bought used books at a reduced price due to the cost of the books

I said No to question 2 but it’s not that the prescribed texts were affordable. Sometimes we just had to get the copy of the prescribed text in order to do the assignments and pass the exams. It’s just the way the course was designed.

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I rarely buy textbooks, although I love a shiny new book and the promise of learning it holds within. I usually use the institute’s library service for textbooks. I also find creative ways to get a journal article for free and if I can’t, use the institute’s library service for that too when possible. There are ways to get these resources…

I said no to question 2, because I have not payed for a book for myself because of the price(very expensive) but the used ones are quite affordable or reasonable but still I haven’t purchased one, but I am having access to the books that my institution has paid for.

I am currently studying in a digital university(Western Pacific University). Hence, I am not allowed to use text books , since every thing is e-learning and the institution did not prescribe any textbook for the course I am taking.

Using OER in online learning is very sensitive to people around. An activity theory viewpoint on the process of using OER to produce transnationally recognized courses within the OERu partner network. It is very important because every people using OERu will contribute and share ideas with their different views to answer a particular question. Partners were recognized to use these online resources to create part ways for importing more knowledge. OERu in universities provides more information to the students. Students Using or getting access to OERu have become open-minded with extra knowledge from the online partners. It is also important because the OERu consortium is to encourage participating institutions to share their open courses, whether pre-existing or created for use by our partners. It is also a way of exploring information by the university students because every point that was shared by the different knowledgeable people was more sensible. OERu creates opportunities as the conceptual framework that the researchers used to test collaboration between partners. Universities cope with OERu and explore, research more about the searchable questions have more answers at the end. Therefore, in my own opinion, I can say that using online equipment like OERu helps students develop their brains.

I possess a teaching experience of 30 years and I am now retired. I keep myself busy in cretaing courses. When I was enrolled as a studentfor formal learning in an academic institution , I had not heard of OER and we used to purchase low cost student edition books.

Nice! I have published ebook based on OER. Here is one of the examples: Intellectual Gems- Cross-fertilization of Experiences and Exposures