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This my first attempt at posting. A bit lost with all the jargon used on the different platforms but will persevere. It will be a stiff learning curb.
Are other in my situation?

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Hi Patricia,

Thanks for your post!

I can assure that you are not alone - learning via a number of new and different platforms can be daunting at first.

In life some things which appear to be “simple” at first glance can be quite complex to learn. Think about learning to ride a bicycle. You can’t learn this skill by reading a book, and in the beginning its not easy to find your balance. Similarly learning to learn on the Internet using a variety of new tools can be challenging at first - but by persevering you will succeed.

One suggestion - you may find it easier by starting with LiDA101 (Digital literacies for online learning) before tacking this course (LiDA104) on critical media literacies. We use the same technologies on all OERu courses, but starting with LiDA101 will make it easier to find your way in the early stages.

You can register for LiDA101 right away here and then continue with LiDA104 at a later stage. If you do decide to restart your journey with LiDA101 - I would recommend that you go to the LiDA104 course site and unerol to cancel the course instructions for this course.

Either way - don’t give up. The time you spend learning these new digital technologies is an investment in your future.

Good luck!

Thank you, I will follow your advice. I have registered for the first course, but cannot see when to withdraw from LiDA104.


Hi @patricia

Great! - I look forward to seeing you in LiDA101. Work at your own pace and take your time to familiarize yourself with the range of digital technologies we use. The time investment will be worth it in the long run.

The OERu support site provides step by step instructions on how to “leave a course

In short, to leave LiDA104

  1. Go to the course homepage:
  2. Log in with your user account
  3. After logging in, click on your User link and then click on the “Leave lida104” button.