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Distance and Flexible Learning is one of the major strategies during a lockdown

This strategy is very important to be exercised to students where as teacher are supposed to provide all required equipment to support the needs of the students

It is good to practice this way of learning to enhance the learning style to students. Concerning the needs of student, the remote learning style is more flexible where students can learn from outside the classroom in an open space where they feel comfortable with.
During their free time, they can also put questions to be answered or discussed with other mates with the support of the teacher

Therefore, the teacher has to be proactive in making new learning including the styles of using distancing learning



Testing reply in the LS4ODFL general forum.

Yes, distance and flexible learning are the order of the day. It, however, also requires the parentsā€™ presence or active role in supervising learning.
Teacher/tutor-requires new thinking in which teachers have strategies to keep students learning actively, bringing them up to par with those with limited digital skills. Having a class list means actively engaging the admin staff to obtain contact details to create learning platforms such as WhatsUp groups to send and share links to resources and activities. This is based on the assumption that most students have smartphones, as students are active on social media.

Parentsā€”encouraging and ensuring that constructive alignment and learning take place at home, in terms of learning objectives achieved, mastery of content and that assessments are completed and submitted.

LS4ODFL ā€˜Learner Support for Open Distance and Flexible Learningā€™ raises quite some questions - 1) Open Distance Learning - gives the idea that ā€˜learning has no limitā€™. The question is ā€˜open definitionā€™ is not always OPEN. Somewhere, someone will find it hard to access LS4ODF for some reason. 2) LS4ODL requires good internet, ICT, resources, and Good Trainers. Somewhere, someone will find it hard to have these available for some reason. If only anyone anywhere can define ā€˜Openā€™ equally, wonder what difference would it be? My best wishes to those of us who are able to access and participate in the LS4ODFL. A special thank you to those who have put in hours and effort to make this course possible. Cheers!

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I guess the real challenge with Open Distance Flexible Learning is the availability of resources to implement it. And whether or not it is fair on students in areas that do not have resources and fall behind. However,with the technology driven world today, we as educators need to incorporate it to design and deliver lessons and keep our students in par with the rest of the world. :slight_smile:

Prophetic saying sometimes comes true; *open learning can always be restricted for unknown reasonsThe fire truly had disrupted learning for those of us from Kauma. I will try to continuie commit my study time for the next few days - From today, 30/11 to 8/12 not counting Friday and Saturday (9-10 December). Can this be noted in the timing of the course? Number of other teachers from Kauma still struggling trying to find stable and reliable place of internet access. Thank you all for your kind attention. Best wishes to all our fellow participants and many thanks to our course facilitators, Hi Dr @DeepakPrasad and Dr @mackiwg

Hello @bkabuatioer,

Your concerns and others who may be in a similar situation are noted. To accommodate those who still need time to complete the course, I will be facilitating the course for another week, ending 9 December.

Best, Deepak

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Distance and flexible learning is a type of learning that can attend from different places online.

Distance and flexible learning is like an enquiry based learning which ehnanced a students to experience the learning by themselves by doing their own research on the given scenario or topic.

It is known that distance and flexible learning is used during the lockdown. I think that it can bring joy and also can encourage students to do the learning because nowadays, most of the students spend a lot of time on Facebook. Learning like this can attract studentā€™s interest to the new learning style.