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Quick question - How could we increase access to assistive technologies?

We can increase access to assistive technologies if we ourselves are aware of the technology. Aware in the sense that we have the knowledge on its usage, the costs, the pros and cons of the tech etc. Once we are fully aware than only can we recommend those technologies for students who needs it. Thus, increasing access.

I totally agree here @Mataiasi disabled and impaired students truly costly and expensive for those of us with very little resources (let alone technologies). Open technology can not always be open for all, somewhere someone is struglling to find ways to meets the learning goals of their impaired students.

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This is one area of teaching/learning I always tend to avoid. Considering the status of the school (where I used to teach) its resources and particularly the wayforward for the 21stCentury, it is constant concern to imagine impaired students is enrolled. Students of all kinds of impairment (visual, hearing, paralysis etc) definitely requires well equiped institution for such. I would be easily refer to #ls4odf note


Accessibility is a simple concept in theory, but it can be complicated in practice. For instance, what is accessible to someone with a visual disability is not necessarily accessible to someone with a learning disability.
Let alone the method or the technology to employ to meet the needs our impaired students. I can only think of the following possbility:

First we must get ourselves well-versed with the technology and be able to teach so access can be increased. But again, another story is the making them available. Will think of more then add more.

The aspect of education for all is not effectively implemented despite having policies and a legal framework that advocate education for all. The education should enhance teachers who teach children with learning disability and also create awareness in the society to accept children with special educational needs. Therefore, there is a need to introduce comprehensive special needs education in all teacher’s professional development programs.

However, children with learning disability need extra attention in terms of curriculum adaptation, teaching methods, and availability of teaching and learning materials, assistive technology, assessment systems, as well as resources and funds for
more assistance in adapting to the school environment.

Thank you sir! @mataiasi they really need support and live with us in a technology world

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adjust my activities and assessments for them.
that the best solution to cater the disable. so am I, we don’t have special technology to support the need of the disability it is better to adjust all your task to meet their capability

In the school where am i teaching we cannot accommodate the disability need in learning but we are not supposed to neglect those children so for me it is better to provide lesson that will meet his/her ability.

the school should provide this technology(hearing device and touched android) which enable them to learn fast and pass their given task

@shaleen i think it will waste if we let them use it alone but i do hope it will well useful if we give them FULL ASSISSTANT

Hi @DeepakPrasad is a challenging to me to be more patience and helpful so that these impaired learners may feel comfortable and accepted in this digital accessibility of web contents

First of all the institution must provide such technologies that is suitable for every needs of such students and the teachers must utilize them in order to meet the needs of the students. sometimes it is hard to cater for the needs of these students and therefore teacher aids should be incorporated as part of the lesson deliveries to help these students.

The main problem for learners disabled can create chaos but the best way for helping them is to adjust the activities with their own needs like for example for those who have problems with sight I might use large caption for every activities that he/she about to face. As for the one with hearing-impaired I will upload a video with a subtitle in order for him to read instead of hearing a clip.
As for the one with paralysis in his hand given an assessment requiring drag-and-drop responses with the use of a mouse can use a Samsung note that a pen attach to it so it can do it clearly that the use of a mouse.

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I Completely agree with you @DeepakPrasad It true that disabilities learners can access challenges and can make them even better than before.

Yes I’m with you that for those with disabilities need some technologies that might support their learning.

Well said Mr Taatu I totally agree with those ideas in helping out impaired students.

People with different needs cannot access to the internet but not at all. So as a professional teacher, find another way that can cater every disability and make sure that no one left behind.

As for the one with hearing impairment and the one with a paralysed hand, encourage them to buy or provide devices that can cater each of their needs so that they can cooperate with the others.

In other word, find a school assistance so that they can help those children with different needs.


Good point Taatu. It is true that most in the classroom chaos happened or disruptive. Those who caused chaos were the ones who were left behind. So it is better to attract or meet their different needs in order to avoid this kind of situation.

Thanks Taatu for your wonderful sharing.

I think that this is the best way to cater these different needs if teacher do not understand the disability’s world. It is better rather than ignoring them.

As a learner who is hearing-impaired is asked to view an online video it should be probably watch a video which might gave him/her knowledge like for example as for me as teacher i will create a video with a subtitle that might help this learner who has hearing-impaired disability.

As for the learner who had paralysis in his hand and given an assessment that require drag-and-drop responses with the use of a mouse, the best way for helping him is to provide a device that capable to due with is disabled problems fro example I will provide a laptop with a touch screen in order for him to not hurt his hand just by using his fingers to drag-and-drop his assessment.