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Agreed @teaoibmeang it really helps students.

Agreed to @Taatu yes it helps them to adjust their needs those who had problems.

I’ve seen some disable people in one institude that attend school, they were provided by wheel chairs, white cane, so it is important for our government to prioritise this students so that they are also important to their country and their family.

There are number of disabled tools that we studied in class and this can be always available to cater disability people, so people with hearing impaired should be supply with the hearing aid so he or she could hear from the online video and with paralysis in hands could use a computer that can be touch, he or she can just point what he or she needs

Support you, we need to ask our government to maintain what they have now and provide more

Support you Farid institute’s policies must also support disabled students

As I am a teacher, I need to apply an online video on Facebook or zoom with an interpreter who may act out words so that this student with hearing impaired could have a chance to understand the whole content of that particular lesson.
Furthermore, for a learner with paralysis I would allow him/her to answer the assessment through verbal where I can hear and with the help from me I would type his/her answers and put it in the assessment paper.
From these two ways, I believe that these students with disabilities have a chance to get a successful result.

 I strongly agree with this idea that if the videos are out of captions, I have to re-create it again and include its caption. From there, that learner would be having lessons without having difficulties.

 It is well said that if these learners have learning disabilities, we have to cater them in many ways. Like what it is said in here, we have to take these into account. There are ways that may help especially with the best we want for these students’ sakes. We have our governments, donors from overseas who are always willing give hands if we have financial matters for all the costs.

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