LS4ODFL (PAC): Pre-Course Poll

Welcome to LS4ODFL! Your answers to the pre-course poll will help us plan out the next few weeks and make sure the course is useful to you and the other participants.

Have you taken an online course before?
  • Yes
  • No

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How committed are you to complete this course?
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  • Somewhat committed
  • Not committed

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Hello Everyone. It is a pleasure to be here and to be part of this learning Platform. I am looking forward for our interaction in this forum.

Greetings Dr Deepak @DeepakPrasad Thank you for the welcome. This course #ls4odf will be my 7th online courses. Out of 6 online courses taken, I successfully completed 4, still working on one, the other completed unfortunately did not get my certificate. I was given 3 days to collect but due to internet connectivity, I missed out. I will again commit to completing this course, unfortunately, the unexpected fire burned down our admin block, and computer lab (servers included) and three classrooms were consumed by fire. All my devices for online use were lost in the fire. Restoring of our internet will be starting this weekend and hopefully (for most of our teachers) the internet be back to normal. Regardless, I will still find ways to complete this course. Cheers to all our fellow participants from all parts of the Pacific!